WWE News: Former Cryme Time Member Avoids Criminal Charges

George NolanAnalyst IJuly 29, 2011

Shad Gaspard, former WWE superstar and ex-member of the tag team Cryme Time, just narrowly avoided getting criminal charges.

According to TMZ, PWInsider.com and PWTorch.com, the city of Columbus, Ohio dropped charges of jaywalking and resisting arrest against Shad which occurred during the Arnold Sports Festival back in March. He will still face a lesser charge of "obstructing official business" and will have to pay a fine.

Based on accounts of the situation, Shad was walking around a section of the street during the festival where he was obstructing ongoing traffic. When he refused to show identification and ignored requests to move off the street, police were called in when Shad fled from an officer attempting to arrest him.

Video of the arrest surfaced online and raised some controversy when officers pinned Shad to the ground face down with him clearly screaming out, "Why am I being arrested? Because I'm big and I'm black?"

Shad commented on the incident when TMZ caught up with him:

TMZ spoke to Gaspard who tells us he no longer plans to file a lawsuit against the Columbus PD over the arrest ... explaining, "I feel that everything has run its course the proper way, and it’s best I move on from this in a positive light."

He adds, "My only regret is that this incident even happened and I hope that the good police officers in Columbus aren’t judged by the actions of a few bad ones."

MMA fighter Josh Barnett, who was with Shad the night of his arrest and a close friend, supported Shad in his innocence claiming that police had overreacted to the situation.

Based on the video and accounts from Shad, would you fellow Bleachers say that the police messed up in this situation, or did the guy screw up?