WWE News: Michael Tarver's Shocking Criticism of John Cena Rings Hollow

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistJuly 29, 2011

When people criticize John Cena, few fans accuse him of being a horrible human being.

Michael Tarver is not like most people.

The former Nexus member has thrown lofty claims at Cena, claiming that the WWE's icon intentionally injured him, which eventually led to his release from the company.

It started with a cryptic rant online, and after the response from fans, Tarver went back to the web to clear things up, and this time, he was a bit more clear about his dislike for Cena.

Per WrestleNewz.com:

“Thanx for the tweets but I dont hate cena I learned alot from him in ring and behind the scenes ALOT behind the scenes but ,,,,,,,

no lol I was fine with that it was a ppv when he hit myself and otunga with miltiple chair shots that we didnt know were coming and one was aimed for my head so I out my arm up to protect myself and the chair caught my arm and fractured it but I kept working if you notice the raw when the nexus had a guantlet against cena I had alot more tape on my left arm because it was fractured and I didnt know it yet for sure along with a slew of injuries I was working on but im a machine.

john cena is a superstar and a work horse for wwe ,just not a very good person lol”

How many people have ever thought Cena was a bad guy?

This is someone who does more charity work for the WWE than almost anyone in the company. The WWE Champion (in title only), is a workhorse for the Make-A-Wish foundation and the face of the company.

We should really lock that guy up. 

Tarver is upset because that incident ended his career, but the truth is that if he was worth anything as a performer, the WWE would have kept him around. He had a bad break, but so have many people in the wrestling industry, and a lot of them accepted the blame for why their career ended or made peace about their injuries.

Cena didn't cost him his spot and he didn't try and intentionally hurt him.

Is Cena sloppy at times? Of course, but accidents happen, and even the best workers have hurt people. When Owen Hart nearly paralyzed Stone Cold Steve Austin, it would have been easy for the icon to hold it against him. 

Instead, he sucked it up and went on to become one of the biggest draws in the history of the industry.

Tarver wants someone to blame, and that person is Cena. Smearing him won't get his career back, but it will do the exact opposite: drive a wedge between him and the WWE.

When Tarver is stuck working on the independent circuit and can't get back to the top, it won't be hard for him to figure out why. The next time the former Nexus member wants to run his mouth, maybe he should think long and hard about what he's saying.