Cleveland's Short Week Brings Big Change

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

Brady Quinn makes his NFL debut tonight in Cleveland vs. the Denver Broncos.

This is what Browns fans have been begging for since the beginning of the season.  Derek Anderson was more than Cleveland could have asked for last season, but it seems that he was just a flash in the pan.

It is sad that DA has gotten such a bad rap, especially since his receivers have not done a lot to help either.  Braylon Edwards leads the league in dropped passes including 2 huge drops in the season opener vs. Dallas and last week against the Ravens.

But Cleveland fans have no fear, Brady Quinn is here.  Just listen to how confident Browns coach Romeo Cornell sounded at the press conference, “I hope the guy doesn’t fall on his face but if he falls on his face you have got to do something because I can’t go play quarterback.”

Nice Romeo, nice.  Nothing like a little confidence for a young QB’s first start.

The Browns are matched up against the Denver Broncos (4-4) tonight but are expected to win.  The Broncos have one of the worst rush-defenses in the league so do not expect to see those long distance balls out of Quinn.

Since being drafter two-years ago by Cleveland, Quinn has thrown a total of eight passes.  Tonight will be a decent test of his ability in the NFL, however, Denver has not looked like a very sharp team at times this season so that might play a role as well.

Teammates have commented on the situation and so have countless others around the league.  Most of the people outside of the Cleveland say that this was a bad move.  It is the middle of the season and you change everything up.  Others are saying that Cleveland fans have the final say in how the Browns are run.

That might be true, Cleveland fans are usually pretty vocal when they see something on the field they do not like, and it looks like in this case, the one time proclaimer  “Anderson is our guy” Romeo Crennel has flip-flopped and is bringing in the young gun.

However, Crennel did have these somewhat positive words for the young starter, “It might help that the first game is at home because the crowd will definitely be for him. That should lift him up a little bit. You don’t have to deal with the hostile environment, crowd noise and things like that so hopefully it will be a help.”

That may be true, but it is still Cleveland, and Cleveland fans like to boo if we see something we don’t like, so it could go either way.

My hope is that Quinn has a good first game.  Cleveland should not expect a perfect game out of him, but a good one would suffice, especially after the last few losses.

If Edwards can catch a ball tonight, we might be in good shape.

Here we go Brownies, here we go.