WWE Commentary: Are Booker T and Michael Cole the New Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler?

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IJuly 29, 2011


Before you grill me with comments for even comparing Michael Cole and Jim Ross, note that I'm not comparing their commentary ability.

I'm referring to chemistry and effectiveness as a team. 

J.R. and Jerry 'The King' Lawler have been a commentary team for more than 10 years, reuniting yet again on this week's RAW. They're a legendary team, perhaps one of the best in wrestling history.

On his own J.R. is one of the best around. When he's teamed with Lawler he gets even better. As does 'King', who works much better with J.R. than anyone else.

Michael Cole has improved significantly in the last year, developing a heel persona on the mic, which I enjoy. 

As for Booker T, well at first I loved the idea of him being back in the WWE. However, after a few weeks I grew tired of his commentary style. He uses excessive slang, made-up anecdotes and was often hard to understand.

That was until Cole and Booker started commentating together on SmackDown. They had instant chemistry. Booker's goofy commentary combined perfectly with Cole's heel persona. 

I laughed every time they bickered. This bickering was lighthearted and legitimately funny. Not to be mistaken with the bickering between Cole and Lawler while they were feuding, which was often distracting.

Cole notices Booker's mistakes and calls him out on his nonsensical metaphors. They often argue over issues such as Cody Rhodes' paper bags and—best of all—Booker T's "Fave Five."

During the last three months, the most consistently great aspect of the WWE has been the commentating team of Booker T and Michael Cole—mediated by Josh Mathews. While watching SmackDown every Friday I find myself enjoying the commentary more than everything else— which is especially helpful when the show itself starts to get stale and uninteresting.

Booker and Cole keep me entertained for two hours every week, providing me with countless moments of hilarity.

They don't provide the same type of commentary as J.R. and The King, but—as a team—they are just as effective. 

Cole and Booker may never reach the play-by-play effectiveness of J.R. and Jerry Lawler, but I have no doubt that they will be remembered as one of the most entertaining commentary duos of all time.