Spurs Start 1-3: Dynasty Falling, and Falling Fast

Mark Eckhart Jr.Correspondent INovember 6, 2008

Tim, Spurs fans are wondering the same thing.

The Spurs are off to their worst start in 35 seasons, and have been the talk to the NBA season so far. The only problem is their on the negative side of most conversations. I understand that Ginoboli is out until December, i get that. But a Dynasty isn't supposed to fall apart with the loss of a player who spends most of his time coming off of the bench. Last I checked they still have Parker, Duncan, Finley, Oberto, and company, not to mention their coach Popovich, who really needs to shave that beard.

It is only four games into the season, and the Spurs should be counting their blessings that they aren't 0-4. Minnesota had them on the brink of defeat, but with Parker essentially accounting for about half of the Spurs points, they stole a victory against Minnesota. Let's look at that statement again. They Stole a Victory from the Timberwolves.

The Spurs shouldn't be stealing games away from teams that are full of second year players. If anything, it should be the Timberwolves trying to steal a game from the Spurs at home. The Spurs look completely lost so far this season, and if they don't get over the loss of Ginoboli, it might not matter when he comes back because they'll be done. The Western Conference is extremely tough, and if they fall to far behind to quickly, their season could be done before the new year.

They looked decent against the Suns on opening night, but that game left me with the impression that everytime the Spurs are within 3 points of the Spurs at the end of a game, Duncan is going to shoot a three pointer. Whether by design, or just because he's open, that shot Duncan made in the playoffs was a fluke. It's like Ben Wallace making a free throw, if you take enough shots, one of them is bound to go in. There are plenty of efficient long range guys on the Spurs, and Duncan isn't one of them.

Until the Spurs start playing better, fans in San Antonio better keep their fingers crossed, in hopes that the team doesn't implode on itself.