If 2008 Taught Fans Anything, It's To Stick With The Biff

Mark Eckhart Jr.Correspondent INovember 6, 2008

Just look at that smile.

Greg, many of your fans feel the same way.

Since 2005, when Greg Biffle was a serious championship contender after a career high six victories, and finished second in the standings behind Tony Stewart. The Biff, as he is widely known among the Nascar community, hasn't had a season consisting of more than two wins other than 2005. The Biff only won one race in 2007, and that came with controversy at Kansas, when he ran out of gas coming to the line and it was debated that he didn't keep the minimum speed required to hold your position.

To those of you that think the Biff might be on his way out of the Cup series, let's not be so hasty.

Biffle has been able to run up front in past seasons in his career, and now the way the chase resets the points i believe it gives Biffle a certain advantage. Biffle's last four career victories have come in the chase spanning from 2006-2008. If Biffle can continue to get in the chase, he seems to experience his best performance, and the success in the chase for the cup. His only problem lately has been that Jimmie Johnson loves the chase, and seemingly has a perfect formula for winning it year after year.

Sounds like a common theme throughout the garage area.

The Biff came out in the chase in '08 on fire. He won the first two races, also his first two victories of the season, and thrust himself into the championship picture. Biffle has a DNF at Talladega, and a disappointing 12th, although by looking at him, you thought he just won the Daytona 500.

Although he is all but out of the chase for this season, Biff left all of his fans with great optimism for 2009. He showed his fans that he can run with Johnson for stretches at a time, but during the offseason he's going to have to work on running with him for a majority of the season. If anybody can step up in 2009, and dethrone Johnson, it's the Biff.

And why not, nobody else seems capable of doing so.