2011 Lingerie Football League: Power Ranking the Top 10 Players

Carie Small@@CarieIsSoVeryContributor IIJuly 28, 2011

2011 Lingerie Football League: Power Ranking the Top 10 Players

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    The  Lingerie Football League is set to take it's talents north of the border.

    The sixteen best players from each conference will be playing in the 2011 All-Fantasy Game at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario. The game will be played LIVE on  MTV2 at 9pmEST this Saturday, July 30.

    Each LFL team is hosting an all star game viewing party. So if you're lucky enough to live in a city with an LFL team, check your local team's facebook page for the location where you can watch the game and meet some of these beautiful football players in person.

    Let's take a look at ten LFL stars who will be playing in this year's All-Fantasy Game. 

Hey, I'm Carie Small!

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    I'm Carie Small. This is my third year with the Lingerie Football League and Tampa Breeze. I played Center for the Eastern Conference in the 2010 All-Fantasy Game.

    This season I'm sitting out to rehab an injury.  I'll be in Canada for the game this weekend live tweeting with fans and other LFL players around the country. Follow me on twitter @CarieIsSoVery.

10.) Natalie Jahnke: Los Angeles Temptation

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    As third year veteran in the LFL, Natalie is making her second appearance in the All-Fantasy Game.

    For the last two seasons she has given a solid performance at Center for the back to back Lingerie Bowl Champions, LA Temptation.

    Last season she was the recipient of the league's Mortaza Award for excellence on and off the field. Check out Natalie's fan page to keep up with her this season as her team pushes for a three-peat.

9.) Anonka Dixon: Miami Caliente

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    A third year veteran, Anonka left Miami Caliente as a free agent and will be QB leading Orlando Fantasy this season.

    Anonka is a total threat on the field with her bullet arm and quick feet. This is her second All-Fantasy appearance.

    Last summer she was the 2010 All-Fantasy Game MVP, leading the East to a 36-14 victory of the Western Conference.

8.) Heather Furr: Chicago Bliss

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    One of the biggest play makers in the western conference from Chicago Bliss.

    During the regular season, Heather played QB and Safety but the league has her listed as Slot Receiver for the All-Fantasy game.

    Finishing last season with 23 completed passes and 12 solo tackles, clearly this girl can do it all. To keep up with Heather, follow her on twitter!

7.) Saige Steinmetz: Tampa Bay Breeze

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    This is her first All-Fantasy appearance. 

    Coming off her rookie season with Tampa Breeze,  Saige has made a name for herself with hard hits on defense, huge plays on offense and her signature touchdown celebration...the worm!  

    Check out Saige's facebook fan page to follow her through out the 2011 season.

6.) Jessica Hopkins: Seattle Mist

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    Although her team finished 0-3 last season, as stand out receiver and team captain, Jessica has earned a spot amongst the league's best.

    Expect 2011 to be a huge year for Jessica and the Seattle Mist with the addition of new young QB Angela Rypien. Follow Jessica's season on facebook.

5.) Taira Turley: Miami Caliente

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    Taira's a 3rd year LFL veteran.

    After two seasons as a standout linebacker for the Miami Caliente, she moved to Las Vegas as a free agent to play for the new franchise, Vegas Sin.

    This is Taira's second year as an All-Fantasy starter. Although she's listed as OL/DL, don't be surprised if you see her playing Running Back. Catch up with Taira Turley on facebook.

4.) Monique Gaxiola: Los Angeles Temptation

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    The league's "Come Back Player Of The Year" came back to the LA Temptation after two knee surgeries to help them win back to back championships.

    In the off-season, Monique became a certified crossfit trainer. Follow Monique on facebook as she plays in her second all-fantasy game and begins her third season in the LFL, looking for another championship.

3.) Marirose Roach: Philly Passion

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    Arguably the best all around athlete in the LFL.

    Marirose was the 2011 Offensive Player Of The Year, leading the LFL with 18 touchdowns and 598 rushing yards in only six games.

    laying on both sides of the ball for Philly Passion, last season's Eastern Conference Champions, she also had 3 sacks and 20 solo tackles. Oh, and get this, she's a lawyer!

2.) Ashley Salerno: Los Angeles Temptation

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    QB of the back to back Lingerie Bowl Champions, LA Temptation and MVP of the 2010 Lingerie Bowl, Ashley is an all around threat in the pocket with her precision passing and ability to scramble.

    The eastern conference defense has their work cut out for them in this game. Follow Ashley Salerno on facebook in her quest to lead the LA Temptation to a three-peat.

1.) Liz Gorman: Tampa Bay Breeze

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    The two-time nominee and 2010 Defensive Player Of The Year (what should be called the "Liz Gorman" award) from Tampa Breeze.

    This is Liz's 2nd year as an All-Fantasy starter. Expect to see some amazing plays from one of the hardest hitting and speediest defenders in the league.

    As a 3rd year veteran, Gorman will be the anchor for the Breeze defense again. But with Tampa short on depth, you'll most likely see her playing wide receiver this season too. Check out Liz's facebook fan page to follow her season and her career as a personal trainer and fitness model.