My NFL Midseason Awards

Titans4Vols Titans4VolsCorrespondent INovember 6, 2008

Well, hello everyone. This is my first article here on Bleacher Report, and I hope to make plenty more. The subject of today's article will be midseason NFL awards. I would like you to know these are just my opinion, and if you have a different opinion, I'm completely fine with it. So here we go!

Most Valuable Player: Drew Brees

There are quite a few players who could very well earn this award, like Clinton Portis, Albert Haynesworth, so on and so forth, but I think Drew Brees deserves it the most. He's the reason this team has four wins right now, as he has won with no defense, and without some of his key players in quite a few games.

Rookie Of The Year: Matt Ryan

Again, just like the MVP, there are several players eligible for this award. You have Chris Johnson, you have DeSean Jackson, Matt Forte, etc, etc. But, I chose Matt Ryan because he is playing in possibly the hardest position to play in Football, and he turned around a awful team last year in to a 5-3 team this year. Michael Who?

Defensive Rookie Of The Year: Chris Horton

Note: No Offensive Rookie Of The Year Due To Matt Ryan Being ROY.

This one is really obvious. He's been the best defensive rookie this year by a mile, making a real difference for this team, especially since Sean Taylor's( RIP ) death. He's going to be one of the best safeties in the NFL for a while to come. I can't wait to watch him get even better

Defensive Player Of The Year: Albert Haynesworth

Note: No Offensive Player Of The Year Due To Drew Brees being MVP.

There are a couple players for this one as well. There is Joey Porter, John Abraham, but, the best one is definitely Albert Haynesworth. He's the best defensive tackle in the NFL, and the best one I've seen in a while. This defensive line is definitely good without him, but he makes it outstanding.

Coach Of The Year: Jeff Fisher

Could this be any more obvious? Sure there's some rookie coaches like Jim Zorn and etc who have had some success, but what Jeff Fisher has done for this team is quite remarkable. I don't think anyone could lead a team with so few skilled players, especially on offense to 8-0. I really don't.

Biggest Surprise Of The Year: Atlanta Falcons

I did expect this team to have 5 wins. At the end of the season.  What this team has done is no short of a miracle really. Their defense is getting better game to game, Matt Ryan has shown why he's my OROY, Michael Turner was a great pickup, Roddy White has emerged as a pretty good wide receiver. Everything is clicking for them.

Biggest Dissappointment Of The Year: San Diego Chargers

How does a team, who lost no real talent, was in the AFC Championship last year, end up here? They did lose Merriman, but with all the other talent on their D, should there have been THAT big of a drop off? The good news for this team is, is that they can still win the division and be a 4 seed in the playoffs.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my NFL midseason awards. Look for more articles from about the NFL and CFB soon. I enjoy all comments, bad or good, and all ratings, bad or good. Thanks for reading!