Big 12 Genie: Week 11

Matt ThielSenior Analyst INovember 6, 2008

Texas 66, Baylor 7

Texas comes out fighting like a violated girl and kills Baylor. Robert Griffin can't even begin to trash talk the Horns' D, and this one will be done by the time you grab your first pulled pork sandwich.

Colorado 21, Iowa State 17

This could be one of the more entertaining games of the week not involving Okie Light or Texas Tech. Chizik's tired of losing, and Darrell Scott is ready to run through the paper bag known as the 'Clone defense. Something's gotta give, and someone has to win! Colorado has more talent.

Nebraska 28, kU 21

This matchup a few years ago was my first game in Lincoln. The game was interesting, especially since I completely hate both teams. It's in Frankenstein's house again this year. Here are the guarantees: Bo Pelini will blow a gasket, and Mark Mangino will destroy Misti's Steakhouse on Saturday.

kU has looked crappy the past few weeks minus kicking the blind dog known as K-Lame last week. Nubs have looked better, and I'm leaning that way. The Huskers will have to have a better defense than an eight-year-old at Neverland Ranch to win against the buckleshoes though.

Texas Tech 55, Okie State 48

The best game of the weekend. Tech's looked great for most of the year and earned their No. 2 ranking. Okie State wasn't intimidated by Texas IN AUSTIN. Your Xbox 360 can't put up numbers like you'll see in this game. Tech wins in another close one, and Crabtree can keep dreaming.

Oklahoma 72, Texas A&M 0

Damn, ATM is bad. If Bradford ends up with less than 450 yards passing, Stoops should go apesh*t and jump off a bridge. CSI will be called in to solve the murder in College Station after this homicide.