WWE: "Burying" Their Future One Crotch Chop at a Time

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst INovember 6, 2008

In life were in a constant state of improving and becoming better. Evolving would be a good way to put it. Wrestling has evolved, WWE has evolved, but the top dogs in the company have not. Much like WCW before them the WWE has a situation where all of their top names are getting older and are still put over young up and coming stars that could use a nice rub (push).

If you watched Raw's 800th Episode you may have noticed that DX was put over John Morrison and The Miz. Don't get me wrong they had a great match and Morrison and Miz looked strong in it, but it would have been nice to see a young team of up and coming stars beat the established veterans for a change.

Instead we get the same repetitive ending were Shawn and Hunter stand in the ring with their hands raised and two amazing talents laying in the ring with their dreams of becoming the next DX crushed under the popularity of HHH and HBK winning constantly and being put over everyone.

Another example would be young Jeff Hardy. Over the past few months he has challenged Triple H to several Championship matches were Hardy could have easily been put over, but instead they bury the guy. Triple H even "No Sold" Hardy's finishing move for a victory. What is WWE doing to their future?

The real problem is that the WWE does not trust the future of the industry. So they throw the title to a veteran that they know won't do anything wrong or do anything discreditable to the company. Smart business, but does nothing for their future talent.

Some of the older guys or guys who never give anyone "the rub" I'm talking about include Triple H, Shawn Mciahels, John Cena,  Batista, and as much as I hate to say it, The Undertaker. These guys are constantly put over and mad out to look dominant. That would be fine if it wasn't done constantly which it is.

Someone please give Jeff Hardy a rub (or a title). How about Brian Kendrick or John Morrison? No? Oh well I suppose we can have a 52 year old Triple H as a 23 time World Champion. I'm sure that will bring in the ratings.

I beg of you WWE please do something different and make some new stars so we can have someone new to cheer for. Sure it is risky, but so is doing the "same old thing" over and over again. I get tired of watching the same guys win all of the time I'm ready for a change something fresh and new, but I guess the WWE isn't. Which could be their down fall.

The fact is that McMahon is going to have to start throwing caution to the wind if he wants to make his company a success again.  He is going to have to do something different and doing the "popular thing" is getting old. 

Putting the titles on Cena and Triple H is getting old. Having The Undertaker and Batista win all of their matches is getting old.  How about you have Hardy win the WWE Championship? How about we put Brian Kendrick over Triple H. How about something different? Are you guys with me?

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