Are Bo Pelini's Fiery Personality and Temper a Problem for Nebraska?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst INovember 6, 2008

By now, it is well known that Nebraska's new head football coach is a man cut from a far different cloth than that of, say, his boss, former Nebraska coach and current AD Tom Osborne.

After viewing the way Bo handled himself on the sideline during the Oklahoma game, people are left wondering, "Is Bo's behavior causing more problems for the University of Nebraska than actually helping the Cornhuskers football team?" 

ESPN cameras caught Bo on the sidelines screaming into his headset, in the face of players, and discussing game calls with officials.  The general pulse of some Nebraska fans right now is that they are beside themselves with embarrassment for the University, Bo, and the football team.

To these people, I say this: "Get over yourselves!"

They are claiming that Bo's sideline antics and debating referees' calls are changing the way Big 12 officials call Nebraska games—that the Big 12 officials are ignoring blatant calls against Nebraska opponents, yet nailing NU for every infraction.


Well, first off, I hate to even debate officiating, but what I see going on is nothing different than what Nebraska has had to endure for years—holding penalties specifically... 

For years, I have watched opposing offensive lines go WWE on Nebraska's D-line.  NU's D-line players get mugged and tackled, yet very rarely are opposing offensive line players flagged—at least not when the flag might matter, i.e. Oklahoma offensive linemen receiving a couple holding penalties when the game had already been decided.

All I can say is, "Swallow hard and take it. That's just the way it is and has been."

I am quite positive that these same people are probably the same "blue hairs" and "pantywaists" that have been going to NU games for 40 years—the same people that sit on their hands all game long and clamor for the fans in front to sit down so they can see the game.

I'm also quite sure that many of these same fans are some that were begging Steve Pederson to give Bo the Head Coach job five years ago.  Though Bo was in Lincoln for only nine months, it became obvious just how animated and excitable Bo can be.  We all knew what we were getting, and I have not one problem with it.

These same people want to reference the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that Bo received at the end of the VT game, that Bo drawing that penalty was the reason that NU lost to VT that day.

I say, "Really?"  Well, what about the pass coverage deficiencies throughout the entire game?  Or the way the defense let Tyrod Taylor make a couple big plays with his feet?  How about the interception that Ganz tossed on the second drive to put NU in an early 9-0 hole?

Just because we watched Tom Osborne stoically roam the sidelines for 25 years doesn't mean that that is the only way to get it done.  Frankly, I remember many people wishing Tom would show more emotion than what was visible to the general public.  Many former players will attest to just how much emotion Tom often showed in the locker room, away from prying eyes.

Bo Pelini is a straightforward, tell it like it is, no bull, emotionally engaged coach that wears his emotions on his sleeves.  In Dr. Tom Osborne, Bo Pelini probably has about the best possible boss that he could have in this situation.  If there is one thing Dr. Tom knows, it's that everybody is different, and we all operate in different manners.