Paul Heyman Teases WWE Creative, But His Critique Is Dead-On Accurate

Tim ListAnalyst INovember 6, 2008

Paul Heyman loves to Hustle. The master of Extreme guerilla marketing really topped himself this morning, when he posted part two of his blog in the UK Sun critiquing pro wrestling's lack of progressive content.

At the end of the blog, Heyman even teased a return to pro wrestling just to show them how its done, but then ended the posting with "Just kidding."

In the blog, which can be read in its entirety here:, Heyman writes:

"It's time for the writing and production staffs that advise Vince to re-acquaint themselves with what popular movements are taking place before WWE further victimises itself by appearing to be out of touch.

A tenured and still-paranoid WWE employee recently told me he's going to make a pitch regarding Sean Combs for Wrestlemania. SEAN COMBS??? Hello? For a show in Houston?!!

Here's a freebie for my readers at the Tower: Go after Chingo Bling. He's recognised as the Lord and Master of the Houston rap scene (psssst...Wrestlemania just happens to be in Houston), and he's far more controversial than Combs, who is reduced to courting headlines nowadays by sniffing around on-again, off-again Bad Boy project queen Aubrey O'Day.

Plus, putting Chingo with Rey Mysterio ties Rey into a loyal, rabid fan base that is developing into its very own culture. Sure sounds like something kids would hook onto faster than Laverne and Shirley jokes, doesn't it?

The key for WWE is to plug into these popular movements and styles, and then be the trendsetter. But when key people in WWE actually think HHH and Shawn Michaels are cooler or hipper than Miz and Morrison, then someone needs to put down the bifocals and check out lazik surgery!

DX can still be presented in a way that encourages the audience to cheer them and want to see the legends teach the young punks a lesson, but to convince yourselves that HHH and Shawn are going to be perceived as having the cooler act is absurd.

But it's happening right now, which means those in World Wrestling Entertainment are lying to themselves.

The audience isn't being lied to. Those kids have turned off Raw, and are too busy playing with their Wii Guitar Hero to bother wondering what went wrong in pro wrestling.

My advice to the creative decision makers is to wake up, realise your programming is not artistically cutting edge any more, and inject a youthful mindset to compliment your unparalleled and amazing ability to provide multiple hours of content to the networks on a weekly basis.

Re-position wrestling/sports entertainment as the coolest, video-game-come-to-life product with the wildest, most clearly defined and enviable characters on television anywhere in the world today."

I have to admit, I'm one of those people who didn't "get it" when Heyman wrote about Chingo Bling. So I Googled the artist. Once again, Heyman hits pop culture right on the head.

Chingo Bling is as big an artist in the Latino community as you can find, with an 80 million dollar major label distribution deal, and an audience that is simply enormous. He's poised to only get much bigger in the next year, which means WWE would appear youth-oriented and cutting edge based on the association.

Simply a brilliant demonstration by Heyman, showing he's still got his finger on the pop culture pulse, while WWE is still hanging on to tenured acts like AC/DC to endorse their product.

A great blog by Heyman, one that appears designed to tease WWE in some ways, but dead-on accurate in his evaluation of the WWE product, and stunningly simply in its offerings on how to upgrade in terms of reaching out for the new pop culture emerging today.

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