WWE News: WWE Hall of Famer Facing Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

George NolanAnalyst IJuly 27, 2011

Abdullah's bloody ways could cost him plenty here.
Abdullah's bloody ways could cost him plenty here.

According to ProWrestling.Net and an article on the NetNewsLedger blog, WWE Hall of Famer and hardcore wrestling legend Abdullah the Butcher is about to get into some legal wranglings.

Former independent wrestler Devon Nicholson is filing a $6.5 million lawsuit in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against The Madman from the Sudan for charges of assault, battery and negligence under the claim that Abdullah gave him Hepatitis C during a 2007 cage match in which the two wrestled.

According to testimony from Nicholson, Abdullah had bladed several times during their match with his blood soaking the razor blade and used the same blood-soaked blade on Devon without his consent, leading to Abdullah's blood to enter the blood stream of Devon's body.

When Devon was offered a contract with the WWE in 2009, the company turned him down after discovering he had tested positive for Hepatitis C.

The risk of disease coming from blood thanks to blading has become a concern in recent years for professional wrestling, which led to the WWE to ban blading back in 2008 when the company adopted their new TV-PG rating.

However, some had criticized the WWE's nomination of Abdullah to their Hall of Fame considering his infamy for bloody matches and the company's stance on banning blading during matches.

Around the time the Hall of Fame occurred, a YouTube documentary called Don't Bleed on Me premiered, which covered Devon's story on how his wrestling career fell apart, claiming Abdullah was responsible for it.

All I will say about this news is that it is quite likely going to put the WWE in some hot water considering they nominated Abdullah despite his not-so-family-friendly image and being a hot-button topic to cover in the ongoing weeks over whether or not blading is worth it anymore in a time where the pro wrestling industry has become increasingly conscious about the risks involved with taking part in hardcore matches, especially when blading is involved.