WWE: Sheamus Turning into a Baby-Face Is Not a Good Move by the WWE

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJuly 27, 2011

The WWE seems to be at a crossroads when it comes to deciding who will be the baby-faces and who will be the heels on Friday Night SmackDown. There had been talks for a few weeks about moving some of the baby-face talent—like Alex Riley or John Morrison—to SmackDown, in order to balance the baby-face to heel ratio.

Well, the WWE did not go in that direction. Instead they went in a completely opposite direction, making Sheamus a baby face.

Sheamus is a tremendously talented superstar who has a huge following in Ireland, and is one of the top heels in the WWE. So to make him a baby-face is a bad decision by the WWE, in my opinion.

Sheamus has never been a baby-face in the WWE and his character doesn’t show any signs of life as a baby-face. Being a heel fits Sheamus so well because he’s depicted as a top villain who stands up for anything that is wrong and dastardly in the world of the WWE.

I feel that becoming a baby-face will be an odd period of time for Sheamus. It’s as confusing as when the WWE attempted to turn the late Umaga into a baby-face in 2007. Now the main reason that the WWE decided to throw Sheamus into the mix as a baby-face is because SmackDown seriously lacks in baby-face department.

SPOILER ALERT: The main baby-face turn came on SmackDown, when Sheamus answered the challenge that Mark Henry put down to the entire WWE locker room. END OF SPOILER ALERT.

I believe that the WWE will attempt to have Sheamus combat the mean streak of Mark Henry as the baby-face in the feud. I feel that if this is the direction the WWE goes, then they need to turn Sheamus back into a heel as soon as the program is over—because Sheamus cannot succeed in the WWE as a baby-face.

Sheamus isn’t billed to be a good guy. The path that the WWE seems to be going down is one where the heel’s put out their honest opinions of some situations, and they’re allowing the fans to decide who will be the good or bad guy in the rivalries.

So if the WWE is going down that path, then maybe they let Sheamus have some fan support, but don’t fully push him as a good guy—because his character will go stale in a hurry.

I feel that Sheamus will eventually become World Heavyweight Champion before 2011 comes to a close, but I am hoping that he is a heel as the champion. Sheamus was a solid WWE champion as a heel and he could once again be rock solid.

Surely things will change in the WWE in the next few months, but hopefully the WWE will come it’s senses and decide to turn Sheamus back into the monster heel that brought him so much success—and fan recognition—in the company.

If they leave him as a baby-face—and even push him as a baby-face champion—then the ratings may slide, and Sheamus’s creditability as a WWE main-eventer may be shot.