Manchester United: What Are They Really Getting for £30.75 Million?

Stephen AlexanderContributor INovember 6, 2008

The answer? Dimitar Berbatov.

The arrival of Berbatov has many United fans gearing up for another League Championship, but more importantly a Champions League repeat.

Since stepping on the pitch for United, Berbatov has five goals and five assists in all competition. The key here is that it has occurred in only 11 matches.

Berbatov is known for putting up numbers, but what has his little time with the Red Devils proven? Just ask Wayne Rooney, who is having a great start in this campaign, looking better than ever. Coincidence? I think not. 

Next in line, captain Rio Ferdinand had this to say about Berbatov: “One of the reasons I was happy that Berbatov signed for United was that I knew it would inspire other players in the team to step their game up another level."  From United's current form you can only agree with Rio.

Since starting off the season slow, United have eight wins along with four ties. For United fans this is great news since losing to Liverpool in the league on Sept. 13 at Anfield.

It is proven that Berbatov makes his teammates around him better, but is that good enough for £30.75 million?

I disagree. Berbatov has to score key goals in key matches for him to be a complete asset for United: So far he has failed in that area.

Understandably, it is still early in the campaign, but will his lack of finishing in the game against Liverpool be key in the final standings come May?

Most likely not, but after watching the Champions League game on Wednesday against Celtic and having the ball on his foot inside the six-yard box with seconds remaining, Berbatov did not finish like a £30.75 million striker should.

Overall Berbatov has earned a solid "B" in his early career at Old Trafford, but United and their fans should demand more.