25 Best Fan Reaction Moments and Videos

Austin SchindelAnalyst IIJuly 29, 2011

25 Best Fan Reaction Moments and Videos

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    Hands on your head, standing on your tip toes and staring at the TV screen are all key attributes to watching a close game.

    Waiting for the moment to happen is the worst part. For better or for worse, you want to know if your team lives to play another day, takes home the title or withers in defeat.

    There are the moments that make sports great, and these are the people that watch them.

    Here are the top 25 best fan reaction videos.


25. Eagles Fans Were Spot on

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    This video sums up McNabb’s tenure in Philadelphia. He was never wanted, and though he played well at times, it was never good enough.

    These are the same people that freaked out and wanted Akili Smith and booed the selection of Kevin Kolb, which has since then paid dividends. 

24. Canucks Fan Reaction

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    Warning: Some use of expletive language in the video

    ***To watch this video click on the screen that says, "Embedding disabled by request" and the link will come up

    This is a man who has…let’s go with, passion.

    He is a Canucks fan, and we know how they get when they lose, so seeing him like this in victory is no surprise.

    The hidden camera fan reactions are priceless, because we get a glimpse into the life of someone who has his emotions swung by every play of the game.

23. Maple Leafs Fan Takes It to Another Level

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    How can someone care so much about a regular season hockey game? For his sake, I hope he at least had some money riding on the outcome, because otherwise, he is the last person I ever want to watch a sporting event with.

    Best part of the award winning performance is the call to his buddy with the one line reply, “We’re four points out man.” At that point my jaw dropped.

22. Little Girl Confused Which Team She Should Be Rooting for

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    This video takes place right after the Bears NFC championship game loss to the Packers. There is nothing wrong with the premise of a little girl crying  over a team’s loss in a big game.

    What is funny and puzzling is that it appears the family is Packer fans. This is a ballsy little girl to go against her family and create a fandom for her dad’s greatest rival.

    If she is getting this upset at age four or five, imagine what will happen when she actually knows what’s going on.

21. Eagles Fan After DeSean Jackson Game Winning Return

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    Go to 1:00

    From there, you will see a guarantee that the man makes, and an eventual promise that he keeps.

    Sports fans live for moments like this. The, “I swear to god I will never curse again if the lord makes this happen for my team right now” moment where nothing else matters but the game.

    It is sports at its purest and why this reaction is so great.

20. Giants Fan Distraught and Then Yelled at

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    Warning: Expletive laden rant about to ensue

    You can sit there in silence, pout or even break something before you cry over a loss. There will be nobody who understands why you crying and nobody will sympathize with you.

    The pathetic display by this Giants fan is met by harsh treatment from his (I guess we’ll call them friends) who want him to just get over it.

    The cherry on top takes place at the end of the video with a screaming tirade by his friend who tells him how it is.

19. Giant Super Bowl Celebration

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    When the reality of the Super Bowl ring sets in for this New York Giants fan, he rose out of his chair and did the well known…Superman dance?

    It is acceptable for a grown man to celebrate with a victory dance, but come on man, you can do better than that.

    Maybe this is the reason that he is watching the game alone…

18. Raiders Fan Reacts to the News of Darrius Heyward-Bey

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    It is one thing when your team drafts someone with upside or a questionable background. This leads to a discussion about their potential and where they fit in the team’s future.

    Then there are guys like Darrius Heyward-Bey, that everyone in the room knows is not going to be good. The Raiders drafted him seventh overall ahead of Michael Crabtree; a significantly better prospect.

    This Raiders fan could not take the agony one bit.

17. Steelers Win the Super Bowl

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    One of the best plays in Super Bowl history was met with one of the best reactions on this countdown. Steelers fans have been revered as some of the best in the league, and their reaction shows why.

    Watch the video all the way through because you’ll get to see the most annoying phone calls in the history of the world taking place.

16. Reaction to Brett Favre Interception...From a Redskins Fan

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    Everyone loves football, and we all watch the playoffs no matter who is playing. After 16 regular season games, especially for a Redskins fan, you would think that he had exhausted all of his energy and emotion.

    But, watching Brett Favre brings anyone anxiety.

    His daughters found his reactions comical and I do as well.

15. Jets Draft Blunders

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    This iconic video depicts the New York Jets in their infinite wisdom selecting draft bust after draft bust.

    The fan reactions in this video are physically painful; shame, disappointment and shock are only a few of the emotions felt by the fans. Like one of the fans said, “They said if Marino was there, we were going to take him.” Oh well. 

    At some points it looked like a hidden camera show. The object: to see how much disbelief we can draw from a crowd.

14. Red Sox Break the Curse

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    Red Sox fans get a lifetime pass no matter what they did after winning the World Series. Streaking, crying, and/or drinking themselves to oblivion were all viable options for fans that waited so long.

    This needed to make the cut because it is a truly happy video. This was before the bandwagon phase kicked in and anyone who called it “Boston Pak” was a “fan.”

    There was some serious joy going on in this room. As a Yankee fan, even I can respect that. 

13. Rollllllll Tide

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    After winning the national championship, this Alabama fan decides it is time to declare it to the world.

    How does any great sports fan show their love? Of course by taking their shirt off, waving it over their head and screaming their team’s graces.

    This clip needs to be added to the ESPN commercial as soon as possible.

12. Arsenal Fan Loses His Mind

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    Warning: Explicit language used throughout video

    To understand where this fan is coming from watch the highlights of the match to see what he was seeing.

    In his defense, this was a terrible match for Arsenal that left fans all over the world were mourning.

    He took his anger one step further and got mad at everything from the chair to his dog. This freakout shows two things: One, he is an insane fan that care deeply about Arsenal and two, he needs anger management as soon as possible.

11. Good Old American Celebration

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    Too bad this video does not have sound because it was one of the best pure celebrations on this list. It included a father and son, brothers and friends all watching together.

    It included all the good elements of watching a game as a fan. It had the hands on the head, bending to the floor in nervousness, the little bouncing dance and the pile up celebration at the end.

    Good stuff.

10. Reaction to "The Decision"

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    Imagine your girlfriend of years breaking up with you unexpectedly. Now imagine her telling everyone on national television—you’re going to feel some hate and agony.

    Enter Cleveland Cavaliers fans, who had their hearts ripped out, and the carpet pulled out from under them.

    These people look like they just lost their puppy. It is so sad, yet kind of funny at the same time. Is that mean? Eh, who cares they are from Cleveland. 

9. Ichiro Touches a Girl and She Freaks

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    I have seen girls lose their minds over boy bands, pop stars and stuff animals, but over Ichiro?

    Well, a teenage girl was blown away when Ichiro ran to the right field stands to catch a foul ball and instead of recording an out, ran into her. From there, she lost her mind.

    She appears to lose her sanity, hyperventilate and make a complete fool of herself. Everyone, including the announcers were in shock of this girl.

    Well, at least she made it to this exclusive list. 

8. Nets Fan Very Excited

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    There is not much to get excited about when you are a New Jersey Nets fan. For this guy, a win against Boston was the highlight of his season.

    Excitement is not the word, neither is happy. After careful consideration the only word to describe this kid is euphoric.

    Imagine if the Nets get Dwight Howard or win an NBA championship. What is he going to do then—back flips? Hardly seems the type.

7. Four-Year-Old'S Reaction to Texas Win over Ohio State

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    The description of the video says that there is nobody in his household with either an Ohio State or Texas affiliation, making this even funnier.

    Four-year-olds are supposed to be learning about the game and sitting on grandpa's lap while they are bred to be a die-hard fan later on in life.

    Glad to see that his parents are teaching their son that it is just a game…oh wait they are video taping this whole thing.

6. Clemson Fan Just Can't Get over It

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    Clemson staged a huge comeback against Georgia Tech, but ended with a late field goal by GT for the win.

    This Clemson fan was taken for a ride, and wears his emotions on his sleeve. The reaction is priceless as he flails his body and has a mini-panic attack. What makes the video so special is the ESPN commentary.

    They are drawing on the screen and analyzing the kid’s psyche while he acts like a baby on national television. 

5. Lone Steelers Fan Amidst Friends Who Just Like to Make Fun of Him

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    Everybody knows THIS guy. He sits and coaches the team through the television screen and yells the “C’mon guys, what are you doing” line after every poor play.

    The kryptonite to this superfan is a buddy who has the job of annoying him and rooting feverishly hard for his opponent.

    In this case, his friends thought one better and video taped the whole thing.

4. Brett Favre Throws an Interception and the Fans Freak

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    Warning: some expletive language used

    On the flip side, there were football fans all over the county with grins from ear to ear when they saw Favre throw his team’s season down the drain.

    The range of emotions from the fans is anger to disbelief and everything in between.

    After all of the uncertainty and the reporting from high schools in Mississippi, this is what the Vikings fans had spent all of their time, energy and money rooting for…a gun slinger that will always make questionable decisions.

3. Abby Wambach

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    Is there a more clutch finisher in women’s sports than Abby Wambach? The quick answer is no.

    Her stoppage time goal in extra time is one for the ages. The pass was crisp and slipped inches over both the outstretched arms of the goalie and the lunging head of the defender.

    The fans are what make this moment special. Teenage boys, business man, old women, and anyone with a soul came together to celebrate a great moment in American women’s sports.

2. Fans React to Death of Osama Bin Laden

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    This was a special moment for all Americans and one that you will never forget where you were when you heard the news. For the fans at the Phillies-Mets game, the experience was slightly different.

    Regardless of what team they were rooting for, in that moment, they were all Americans. As the news spread, the chants of USA! USA! USA! resonated throughout the stadium like a pulse.

    For a short while, everyone was on the same team.

1. Landon Donovan's Game Winning Goal

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    This gets the nod at No. 1 because of the far reaching fanbases and the overall reaction felt.

    This was one of the biggest moments in American soccer history in terms of team success and popularity among the fans.

    From bars to living rooms, young and old, people were on the edge of their seat seeing if the USA could get out of group play and onto the Round of 16.

    They did, and Donovan provided us with one of the best sports moments of the decade.