CM Punk and 10 Other Wrestlers That Can Claim to Have Been the Best in the World

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CM Punk and 10 Other Wrestlers That Can Claim to Have Been the Best in the World

In professional wrestling there is a monumental difference between the actual best in the world and the man that the company elects to push as the best.

It is the difference between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, the difference between Goldberg and Sting and the difference between John Cena and CM Punk.

Hogan's marketability made him the biggest draw in the history of wrestling despite the fact that his wrestling skills were limited and his promos were catchphrase-ridden and clichéd.

When Hogan's popularity dipped, Vince McMahon gave the ball to the Ultimate Warrior to run with, another hugely popular superstar.

Warrior was booked as an unstoppable force that was almost impossible to beat but true wrestling fans know that he was never the best in the world.

The modern-day equivalent is CM Punk's war of words with John Cena in which he claims that Cena cannot touch him in the ring or on the microphone.

The reality is that Cena, while not as accomplished as Punk in those departments, is the perfect face of the family-friendly PG era.

While Edge may have been better in the ring and with mic skills to rival Cena, his sleazier, more controversial character did not fit the bill as the company's main man.

This is also true of CM Punk whose non-conformity to the WWE stereotype may have held him back with Vince McMahon.

True wrestling fans will always be able to distinguish the best in the world and here are ten wrestlers that can claim to have fitted that description at one point in their careers.

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