The Leafs: Three Major Problems That Can Be Fixed.

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent INovember 5, 2008

Let's handle these issues one at a time.

Hockey is not the most difficult, intelligent game in the world - there are five players at each end of the ice.

When the horn goes and the ref blows his whistle, the player standing next to you, is your man, and every one of your team-mates have the same responsibility.

If your man goes for a crap, you go with him.

I have noticed in most games, the first ten minutes is dreadful, the opposition wants to score that first goal, of-course they do! And the pressure is on, but, the Leafs do not want to stay with their man, all blue shirts are in the traffic zone - a no-no.

Therefore it is a come from behind game again.

The Leafs must want to either, take away that momentum from the opposition, or be very hungry and feisty to score the first two goals.

Next: blowing a one-two-three goal lead, come on get real.

If you are playing the Wilson-Way, and you have a three goal lead, and you blow it, it is a must as a coach, that you deal with it - "This is serious-stuff".

Wilson will send a player to the press-box if the player in-question is not pulling his weight, so...

In a case when you blow a three goal lead, the player or players responsible for allowing this to happen must also spend some time drinking coffee in the press-box.

When any team blows a good lead, that only indicates two things, you do not have killer-instinct, or you lack discipline (coach.)

Third. The next time you are watching a Leaf game, get yourself out a pen and paper and count how many times the following happens, and how many goals are scored on the occasion.

(1) How many times in the Leafs defending-end, 3-4 Leaf players are in the slot area, and not a enemy around?

(2) How many times have you seen two Leaf D-MEN in-front of the net watching one player behind the net? 

(3) How many times have you seen the oppostion's points not being covered, wide open for many screened shots.

Unless Ron Wilson can get some killer instinct  instilled into the heads of the players, it will be a long season. 


Fore-check, back-check, play your man, cover the point, have some discipline, killer-instinct, get the puck on the net, create some screened shots.

Result - "We as Leaf Fans will not have to see the team in a position where they have to win that last game in order to make the play-offs."