Looking Ahead: Kansas City Chiefs Draft Needs For 2009

Josh KnoxCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

Well, obviously the Chiefs could use players at every position, whether it is for depth or because they need a playmaker. Here are some of the positions that, as of right now, I think the Chiefs need the most help at:


Offensive line: In particular the right side of the line. The line has gotten better the last few games but everyone that knows the Chiefs knows that Damion McIntosh (RT) and Adrian Jones (RG) are NOT the long term answer at their position. The Chiefs have second year player Herb Taylor who has filled in at LT while Branden Albert was injured (and did a great job) who many peg to be the future RT or RG and rookie OT Barry Richardson who has all the measureables but no one knows if he can play at this level or not yet, but that is about as far as it goes. So I would definitely look for the Chiefs to draft an offensive linemen somewhere in the early-middle rounds.

Linebacker: Pat Thomas is the Chiefs starting MLB with Weston Dacus listed as #2 on the depth chart.so the Chiefs could obviously use an upgrade here. Also keep in mind that Donnie Edwards is finally showing his age and has been fighting injuries all year so a replacement for him will be needed at some point. I would look at the Chiefs to possibly draft a MLB early, especially if Rey Maualuga or James Laurinaitis is available.


Defensive End: As everyone knows the Chiefs traded away Jared Allen last year for draft picks and while that may have been a good move for the franchise in the long run it left them with little to no pass rush. Through eight games this season the Chiefs have a total of FOUR sacks. That is of course good for dead last in the NFL with the second least being the Bengals with nine. It is really hard to tell where in the draft the Chiefs might look for a DE at. They already have 2 first-rounders, 1 second-rounder and a third-round pick starting on their line that they have all drafted within the last few years so they may not be willing to draft another high lineman as it would signify that they failed in drafting there before. This might depend if Carl Peterson is still the GM of the Chiefs or not.


Quarterback: With the recent showing of Tyler Thigpen this could get interesting. IF Thigpen plays the rest of the season like he has the last few games then that could definitely be a factor come draft day. In my opinion the Chiefs still need to draft a QB no matter what, but WHEN they draft will depend on the play of Tyler Thigpen the rest of the season. This of course goes right out the window if the Chiefs think that a “franchise” type QB is available when they pick (whoever this may be). If a guy you think could be the next Payton Manning is sitting there, you take him no matter what, if not take a chance on a QB in the mid to late rounds.


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