WWE: Why Mark Henry Deserves a Chance to Be the Top Heel on SmackDown

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJuly 26, 2011

The WWE Universe seems to have been buzzing with everything that has gone on with CM Punk angle on Monday nights. While Monday’s have become “must-see” television, Friday nights have been shaken down to it’s core by one man. The man I am talking about is the “World’s Strongest Man,” Mark Henry.

Mark Henry has been involved with the WWE since 1996, and while he has had a long tenure with the company, he has never been considered to be one of the top heels in the WWE. That is until he was drafted over to SmackDown in April.

Mark Henry turned heel by slamming John Cena and Christian during a RAW versus SmackDown six-man tag team match. Since the heel turn, Mark Henry has turned into a bona-fide wrecking machine and has gotten quite a buzz from the WWE Universe.

SmackDown seems to be stacked with heels from World Champion Christian to Wade Barrett to Sheamus, but none of them have been on quite a roll as Mark Henry. Mark’s character has become a bad-ass that has taken out Big Show and Kane in the past few weeks.

Mark’s in-ring work has improved tremendously since becoming a heel, and he has become worthy of being in the hunt for the World Heavyweight Title.  It seems that the IWC is still critical of Henry because of lack of technical abilities in the ring, but you cannot deny that Mark Henry has done a great job as a monster heel. 

Now I believe that Mark Henry isn’t ready to be in a feud for the World Title just yet, because let’s face it: SmackDown needs a baby face as it’s champion in order to feud with all of the heels that the show has. I feel that Henry should continue to booked as the destroyer in the WWE, which would keep him in the fan’s radar screen as a noteworthy main-eventer.

The WWE, in my opinion, needs to put Mark Henry in a main-event caliber feud in order to prove to fans around the world that Henry is worthy of being a world champion and can carry the brand each and every week.

I feel that Mark Henry’s best opponent to feud with is Daniel Bryan. The reason I state this is because Bryan doesn’t have anything at this moment since winning the money in the bank two weeks ago, and those two guys are in a position that they need to prove that they are ready for the ready for the main-event spotlight. The feud would prove that to management and to the wrestling fans.

SmackDown may not have as many great storylines as RAW does, but that show seems to be on the verge of great things. One of their great superstars on the rise is indeed Mark Henry.




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