Week 11 College Football Picks: Alabama-LSU Edition

Tim PollockSenior Writer INovember 5, 2008

Nearly 100 people viewed my last award-winning, Week 10 Picks column from last week—nearly the same amount of comments garnered on a boring, statistical comparison between Tim Tebow and Matt Stafford.

So I get it, fellow B/R readers:  You don’t want the blood, sweat, and tears I pour into predicting games each week, even when I do come up 9-10, including clutch upset picks like Texas Tech and Arkansas. 

I get it.  You just want to argue about Tim Tebow.

I carry on, however, because something tells me 20 or so of those readers from last week need 10 more picks.  And also because I have an ego and like to see my name in print.   

Thursday night brings some drama, so let’s start there.
TCU at Utah

Yes, TCU has an incredible defense—one good enough to get the win, but have you seen the “Wild Frog” formation from TCU?  Talk about speed.  These jokers can play some offense, too.  

TCU is rolling, and Utah barely squeaked out a win over 4-6 New Mexico last week.

Gary Patterson’s name will be attached to even more schools after this one. 

Winner:  TCU, 31-23

On to Saturday’s games:

Ohio State at Northwestern

Man, I want to pull the trigger on the upset, but despite Northwestern’s incredible win last week, I just can’t see Tressel’s boys losing after a bye week. 

Northwestern will keep it close for a while, but the Buckeyes pull away late. 

Winner:  Ohio State, 34-23

Louisville at Pittsburgh

Louisville was balling until last week’s loss to pathetic Syracuse.  Meanwhile, Pitt is riding high off their win at Notre Dame.

Wannstache and his boys hold off their meltdown for one more week. 

Winner:  Pitt, 24-17

Georgia Tech at North Carolina

The Yellow Jackets have taken nine of the last 10 against UNC, and even though the Tar Heels have looked solid, Georgia Tech keeps finding ways to win.

This should be down to the wire, much like Georgia Tech’s win last week over FSU. 

Winner:  Georgia Tech, 24-23

Arkansas at South Carolina

When it’s offense vs. defense, I’ll take the defense every time—and South Carolina’s defense has been on fire all year, capped off by a smothering performance at home last week against Tennessee.    

The Hogs will put up more points than the Cocks are used to giving up, but turnovers and a few athletic Stephen Garcia plays will make the difference. 

2001” plays a final time for Kenny McKinley and the seniors. 

Winner:  South Carolina, 34-24

Penn State at Iowa

Iowa fans are currently sprouting all across the SEC and Big 12.

Sorry to spoil the fun, y’all, but pinning your hopes to an average Iowa team matched up with a well-rested and powerful Nittany Lion team just doesn’t add up to me. 

Yes, Shonn Greene is good, but what happens when Penn State takes away the running game?  Oh yeah, that’s when it gets ugly.

Maybe Michigan State can do the job next week…

Winner:  Penn State, 38-17

Clemson at Florida State

From the Bowden Bowl to the Irony Bowl.  Who would have ever thought three months ago that the younger Bowden would be out at his school, and Clemson would be playing the role of the spoiler? 

Dabo might be able to rally the troops against BC, but if not for a goal line fumble last week, FSU would control its own destiny in the Atlantic division.

Noles to get back on track.  

Winner:  FSU, 30-21

Cal at USC

USC wins at home.  Period. 

Winner:  USC, 31-17

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech

Ah, another history lesson. 

The last six games between these teams has been won the by the home team.

However, the last time Texas Tech took down a highly ranked Texas team—back in 2002—they got smoked 60-15 by Oklahoma the following week.  

Something has to give. 

When in doubt, always blame the hangover. 

Winner:  Oklahoma State, 35-31

Alabama at LSU  (Game of the Week)

Technically this should not be the game of the week, but let’s be honest:  More people (myself included) care about the SEC, and nobody really thinks Texas Tech will make it to the finish line—so we might as well turn our attention to Saban’s team, which just may go unscathed during the regular season. 

I’m not saying this has Florida-Georgia blowout proportions to it, but I’m not buying the “heated rivalry-emotions flaring” nonsense. 

LSU isn’t good.  Alabama is. 

Winner:  Alabama, 34-24


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