Why Alex Auld Is The Senators' Starting Goalie

Chris WilsonContributor INovember 5, 2008

Twelve games into the season and Ottawa's goaltender has to have changed. Please tell me Craig Hartsburg and Bryan Murray don't still think Martin Gerber is the answer in net.

Martin Gerber: 1-3-1, .891SVG, 3.39GAA

Alex Auld: 4-2-1, .935SVG, 1.96GAA

These early numbers show that Auld has been better suited for the Senators in net so far this season.

Ottawa offense with Gerber in goal: 14G

Ottawa offense with Auld in goal:    19G

Yes Auld has been in net for 2 more games, but part of the offense with Gerber in net is the 6-3 beating of the Phoenix Coyotes. Take that games away and the production isn't even close.

What does this mean? The Senators are more confident with Auld in goal. They try new things, not worrying about getting burned on the back end as much as when Gerber is backing them up.

Goals Against with Gerber in goal:  17*

Goals against with Auld in goal:     15*

Less goals against for Auld in two more games. It is obvious that the Senators players are gaining confidence with Auld in goal.

Can Auld play 70 games a year? No he can't. Gerber will have to play 30+ games this year for Auld to still be effective.

That being said, with Gerber playing that many games as a potential backup he will have the opportunity to win his job back.

Gerber plays his best when pushed, none of this nonsense of people saying when he knows he has the job he's fine. He had it at the start of this season, and why did Emery have the starting job two years ago? because Gerber couldn't handle it when handed the starters job to start the season.

Last season with Emery acting out, it was made public that Gerber was the starter, that's when he went down hill. He needs competition to compete well in the NHL.

But even competition from Auld will not give Gerber the starting job. At most these two will split games and Auld will start the playoffs.


*does not account for Goals scored on empty net.