CFL: Saskatchewan RoughRiders Look Good Going Into Playoffs

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer INovember 5, 2008

It was a tough ride but the Saskatchewan Roughriders locked up a home playoff game and they look as though they will have a near full roster with most of their starters back for the first time since early season.

The Riders have two players this season who are finalists for CFL awards and they are Gene Makowsky for outstanding lineman, and Weston Dressler for rookie of the year.

Makowsky is up against Scott Flory, now I do not know much about Scott Flory because I don't really follow Eastern teams offensive linemen, so I do not really know who will win that category, however I do think Weston Dressler will win the rookie of the year category over Prichae Rodriguez.

The statistics are pretty similar as Dressler has 24 more yards receiving then Rodriguez but Rodriguez has 1 more touchdown. The reason I think the award should go to Dressler because of his determination and will to win. He was the Roughriders' entire passing game when their other receivers went down.

At the start of the season he was there fifth receiver. He was behind Matt Dominguez, Andy Fantuz, Adarius Bowman and DJ Flick. He was the Roughriders' only receiver over 1000 yards and he made dozens of unbelievable catches throughout the season.

Going into their playoff game this weekend, it looks as though the Roughriders will have Matt Dominguez, Adarius Bowman and Wes Cates will be playing after a scare with his ankle last game.

Michael Bishop will be the starting quarterback for the Roughriders this weekend and I think that will be a good thing. Personally I still think Darian Durant is our best at that position, but hopefully Bishop will bring a good veteren presence and will lead the Riders to victory.

If he doesn't, I hope Miller will not hesitate to put Darian Durant in. I understand we want a specific starting quarterback, but I don't think that we need to choose one guy and stick with him no matter what. If he plays bad, I do not think we should stick with him.

I think with all of there players back the Riders will keep winning and be in every game, hopefully returning as the Grey Cup champions.