Antonio McDyess is a Wanted Man Around the NBA

D.Michael LeeSenior Analyst INovember 5, 2008

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Antonio McDyess could soon be one of the most valuable potential free agents in the NBA. McDyess, who was recently traded to Denver in the Allen Iverson deal, now finds himself in a situation he probably does not want to play in, though he would get compensated generously to stay there.

Many feel that he could return to Detroit, at a much cheaper price tag, and play where he fit in so well. And then there's the wildcard teams that have already shown some inital interest, the Celtics and Spurs. Both could offer Antonio less money, but a great opportunity to compete for a championship right now. I don't believe McDyess will stay in Denver, and by the holidays he could be wearing another uniform….

While many have looked at how Allen Iverson will impact the Pistons, the Nuggets are in the process of reinventing their team overnight. Carmelo Anthony will remain as the centerpiece that they will build around, but the cast around him will continue to change.

Adding Billups gives proven leadership and a veteran with experience winning in the playoffs. But what about the other pieces of the puzzle? As we stated above, Antonio McDyess staying in Denver is 50-50 at best, and the Nuggets may not be done shopping. Chucky Atkins could be on his way out next, along with Anthony Carter.

This would leave Denver with a core of Carmelo, Kenyon Martin, and Chauncey Billups. Is this trio better than last year’s of Melo, AI, and Marcus Camby that made it to the playoffs, only to lose to L.A. in round one? I dont think so…


Pacers Could Surprise This Season

The Indiana Pacers have surprised many early in the season with their play. Letting Jermaine O Neal get away during the offseason spelled rebuilding for many Pacer fans, but this young team looks to prove many wrong and make a serious push for the playoffs this year.

They are doing all this, while keeping their payroll relatively low. Can anyone name the highest paid player on the Pacers? Done guessing? It’s Troy Murphy, who has $33 million due to him over the next three seasons. Could the Pacers be positioning themselves for a run at some free agent help not only next off season, but the following year as well? Only time will tell…