Being a Responsible Alabama Fan Means Showing Respect: Life Lessons Use Them!

Ren C.Correspondent INovember 5, 2008

I have been a fan of the Crimson Tide for a long time now.  And, truthfully, one thing I have seen happening over the last fifteen years saddens me. 

I see college football Fans being vicious and nasty towards fans of other teams. 

I myself have endured my share of the "Rogue Fan" and been threatened in Knoxville, near the Three Rivers Railroad.

And why?  Because I am an Alabama Fan whose truck is crimson and gray.

Today I am reading comments on another article written about the Crimson Tide and its coach, Nick Saban.  I saw comments from a Tennessee fan who told a horrid story about his journey to Tuscaloosa for a UA/UT basketball game.  The person told of how he and his children were called names and even cursed at. 

I can truthfully say that my experiences with "Rogue Fans" are equally distressing.

There is no good reason on planet Earth for fans of any college team to disrespect those of other teams.  And any fan that curses people with children nearby deserves to be touted as a Rogue Fan, Redneck, Hillbilly, Noob, etc.

When I read the comments made by the UT fan on that article,  I apologised to him for the disrespect he and his children suffered at Tuscaloosa several years back.  And I also assured him that the idiots responsible in no way reflected the true nature of the Alabama fanbase.     

Who would taunt a man and his children just because they were wearing UT gear?  It's both shameful and sad that those idiots wore UA gear.

I proceeded to explain to the man my horror story about how Tennessee fans threatened my life and aspired to break the windows of my car—all because I am a UA fan. I also told him that I feel uncomfortable to be anywhere in Tennessee these days, not just on the UT campus in Knoxville. 

"Rogue Fans," regardless of affiliation, bring down the good name of the team, the university, and its traditions.

You can be a true fan to your team without disrespecting and threatening the opponent's fans.  Name calling, cursing, threatening people's lives are all out-of-line and totally uncalled for. 

Maybe this article will serve as a wake-up call for fans on the verge of becoming total out-of-control thugs—or Rouge Fans gone wild.

Remember one thing:  Without competition, we have no one to play.

And to all of the good and true Alabama Fans and those who welcome the fans of the other teams to Tuscaloosa:  Thank you all for carrying the fan sword and banner with honor, dignity and grace.

Ren C.