Could the Lions Possibly Go 0-16?

Jason FunkContributor INovember 5, 2008

The Cincinnati Bengals picked up their first victory of the season last Sunday, leaving the Detroit Lions the only winless team left in the NFL.

Until last season, no team in the NFL had ever finished a 16-game regular season with a zero in their record (16-0 or 0-16). But as we all know, the Patriots finished their season 16-0, but still, no team has ever finished 0-16. The Lions are now making a run for the 0-16 mark.

Detroit fans have been through this before. In 2003, the Tigers could muster only 43 wins, compared to 119 losses, tying the MLB record for the worst season ever. They blew having the outright title by winning five of their last six games to tie the record.

With eight games left for the Lions, seven of their opponents have a record of .500 or better. The only opponent with a losing record are the 3-5 Jacksonville Jaguars, who the Lions play this week.

The Jaguars have had a disappointing season so far, but have showed flashes of greatness, and they have not lost a game by more than seven points.

After the Jags, it is all down hill for the Lions. They travel to a 6-2 Carolina team. Following that, a three game home stretch comes up versus Tampa Bay, Tennessee, and Minnesota. They finish their run at history at Indianapolis, hosting New Orleans, and the grand finale at Lambeau to take on the Packers.

The Lions rank near last in almost every major offensive and defensive category. They rank 31st with 72.0 rushing yards per game. The Lions share the 26th slot in takeaway/giveaway category at -3 and are dead last in total defense, allowing 408.9 yards per game.

If the Lions could pull off the 0-16 record, they would obviously receive the first pick in April's draft. Detroit is no strangers to high draft picks though.

The Lions have had a top-10 pick six times since 2002, with 2008 being the only exception (17th pick). With picks like that, one would think that the Lions would have a decent team with some young stars.

But they are the opposite. Four of those six picks are no longer with the team. Ernie Sims has turned out to be a decent NFL linebacker and Calvin Johnson is turning into a star wide receiver, but it seems the Lions could have drafted Joe Thomas to help keep their quarterbacks on their feet.

The point is, the Lions have made no use of the advantage they received via the draft. Finishing 0-16 this season would just exemplify the organization.

The organization is horrible from top to bottom. The owners, the Ford family, have absolutely zero desire to win, they just want to turn a profit, which they do. The front office is horrible, turning in horrible drafts year in and year out. Then the players top it off by being the worst at what they do.