TNA: Questions to Be Answered Before and After Hardcore Justice

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIJuly 25, 2011

TNA: Questions to Be Answered Before and After Hardcore Justice

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    The continued improvement in the quality of the wrestling we are seeing on a weekly basis within TNA is a welcomed change.

    The house shows are better, with more action. There are better storylines. And there is more commitment, it would appear to having all areas of the brand, that being the X-Division, Knockouts, Tag Teams and the heavyweights provide a better product so fans want to come back to the arenas and spend money on some of the best PPV events to come along in a while.

    Hardcore Justice is the next PPV event on the calendar for Impact on Aug. 8. It is before Summerslam, allowing TNA to take another swing at WWE and the boys up north in an effort to show there is more than one company within the business.

    Sting and Kurt Angle will headline the PPV event and while I have gone on record saying it could be the best ever, I still have questions about what direction the brand will take once the event is over and it has to deal with the aftermath, good or bad.

Can Someone Please Beat Eric Young for the Television Title?

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    The crazy character needs to go.

    Orlando Jordan is no longer with the company. There is no real place for this on the roster, and Young used to be a really good wrestler within the organization.

    Since the Television Championship is considered second in line to the World Title, shouldn't there be a storyline with that or have someone else, like a Matt Morgan or Crimson or even Gunner win and challenge the winner of the Sting/Angle match for the the championship?

    And shave that damn beard!

Do Something More with the X-Division

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    Get rid of Robbie E. Make more matches for us to see on television. Decide what you are going to do with Brian Kendrick.

    The X-Division is in a great place right now. Austin Aries is creating quite a bit of drama as of late, and the idea of an Alex Shelley/Aries feud would make plenty of sense.

    The only problem is that Kendrick is the title holder and what will that do to his title reign? Does Kazarian have a place in this division? What about the other cruiserweights?

    It's all intriguing, but it needs more depth and planning.

Keep the Knockouts on Television

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    There was about 20 minutes last week of solid women's wrestling. And now that there seems to be more involvement from the likes of Ms. Brooks, Ms. Tessmacher and Tara and of course ODB and Jackie, it just seems to get better.

    I love the idea that there are 12 women who can "wrestle." This is not the beauty contest like it is on WWE. These women work to perfect their craft.

    Have a tournament to determine a top contender and then let's see how important the women are to the brand. They already have a major stake in the brand now. More exposure can only mean better ratings.

What Happens Between AJ Styles and Daniels?

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    Nothing right now, but boy would we all like to see it happen.

    I sense there is still some unfinished business between the two. It seemed that way last week on Impact and I am hoping for another match between the two to resolve things.

    Daniels feels left out and in the middle of the deck in terms of respect. Styles is still considered royalty, and the two will cross paths again.

Is There Dissention in Immortal?

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    Sure seems like it.

    Bully Ray has become the centerpiece of the group and its leader.

    Gunner is a better wrestler. Mr. Anderson and Bully Ray seem to butt heads.

    Abyss is a wasted piece right now.

    Scott Steiner doesn't fit in.

    All these factors seem ripe for there to be some turmoil.

Will Another Big Name Be Signed to TNA?

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    We all hope for that.

    It won't be CM Punk. But Chavo Guerrero makes sense. Also maybe someone like a Dakota Darsow or Jack Evans?

    I think there needs to be another guy to come in and ignite the place. The WWE is rumored to be letting wrestlers go for various reasons.

    Hopefully one or more will latch on in Orlando and help spike ratings.

Can We Have a Decision on Samoa Joe?

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    Is there a more dominant wrestler in the organization?

    Samoa Joe used to be the standard. But now, he is an afterthought and with the Bound for Glory Series basically proving to be a bitter experience for the big man, you have to wonder if he is leaving the company or does management have bigger plans for him?

    Either way, this is a waste of some great talent.

Find a New Role for Abyss

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    He is the whipping boy of Immortal right now. I was hoping after Destination X he would have a face change.

    It has not happened yet.

    There is no real role for him right now. And there are too many angles left unused, but you have to think if there was a weak link in the faction, he is the one.