John Cena's Return: How It Should Be Done

Ryan Senior Writer INovember 5, 2008

I haven't been writing lately and to those who actually care when I do, I apologize.

Following the Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, I was extremely disappointed that the WWE had, expectantly, put the World Heavyweight Title back around the waist of the boring and lumbering Batista.

Watching monday's Raw telecast, I figured that the main event—Batista defending his title against the former champion Chris Jericho in a steel cage match—was going to end in a predictable manner with Batista retaining.

I fell asleep at the beginning of the match, sure that I already knew the outcome. I found out how wrong I was the next day, happy that a great all-around performer like Jericho had been given the title back.

Then I remembered: John Cena, making his return at Survivor Series, has the next title shot.

Surely, the belt had been taken off of Batista to save him for a Batista/Cena Wrestlemania title match. Jericho is probably the transitional champion here and we're more than likely going to see Cena get the belt back later this month.

However, here is where the WWE could switch gears.  This could be the perfect opportunity to start Cena's long overdue heel turn.

Imagine it: Cena, returning after neck surgery, loses a heartbreaker to Jericho at the Survivor Series. Frustrated, he begins to show heel tendencies in the following weeks, losing matches and showing his disdain for General Manager Mike Adamle as well as the top faces on Raw.

Now, we all know Jericho won't be champion come Wrestlemania and the WWE seems to be geared towards a Batista/Cena main event. So build Cena's frustration. Have him lose a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble against Jericho and Batista, putting the belt on the Animal.

Have Cena completely snap and demolish the newly crowned champion, explaining his actions the following night and setting up the mega-main-event for the biggest show of the year. 

Honestly, I'm not fond of either guy, but even this would get my attention.

Then again, we're more than likely to have Jericho lose the title at Survivor Series, forcing us to endure Super-Cena for at least five more months.

Let's just hope that Vince wakes up and takes a chance that could give the WWE the shake-up it drastically needs.