What Will Lane Kiffin Do Next?

Colin MehiganCorrespondent INovember 5, 2008

Now that he has the anarchic experience of Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders behind him, the question for Lane Kiffin is what next?

Three major schools, Washington, Tennessee and Clemson now have openings and with the possibility of another dozen or so to follow, the opportunities for Kiffin will be plenty.

University of Washington

A move to the Huskies would see Kiffin return to the Pac-10. He knows the Pac-10 recruitment ground well and has only one regular national power to contend with in USC.

However the Huskies, by all accounts, have sub standard training facilities and they seem a long long way off the top 25, let alone a Rose Bowl bid.

University of Tennessee

This is an intriguing option for Kiffin. The Volunteers have huge resources with the fertile recruitment areas of Florida and Georgia on their doorstep. A vast recruitment budget is extended to all head coaches in Knoxville so luring talent should not be a problem.

Tennessee also get close to 110,000 for all home games and won a National Championship as recently as 1998.

However in recent years they seem to have lost ground in the recruitment stakes to Florida, Georgia and Alabama and the pressure for success will be intense.

Kiffin has no previous experience of recruiting in the SEC but curiously he recruited Patrick Turner from Nashville and Mike Williams from Tampa while at the Trojans.

Clemson University

Since the departure of Tommy Bowden the Tigers too are in the hunt for a new head coach. The ACC is probably the most winnable conference of the three mentioned thus far but dormant power teams like Miami and Florida State could be re-awakening.

Bowden also attracted a high calibre of player to the Tigers but any head coach must compete with a slate of teams from the SEC and ACC for players.

The capture of Lane Kiffin for any program could be especially enticing as Bruce Feldman of ESPN reports that Lane Kiffin's father Monte (Defensive Coordinator at Tampa Bay Bucanneers) has an opt out in his NFL contract should a college job present itself. So by hiring Lane, Monte could follow also.

There is another dynamic that nobody has considered thus far. A dynamic which would turn the world of college football upside down. 

What would happen if Peter Carroll links up with the San Francisco 49ers?