Rookie Ryan Torain is Broncos' Last Hope

William LippContributor INovember 5, 2008

After an amazing 4-1 start, the Denver Broncos have all but died after losing their last three games.

Eddie Royal remains a bright spot on the otherwise dead team.  Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall look to be having a contest to see who can turn the ball over more.  Michael Pittman and Andre Hall are now on the IR. 

What will save Denver?

Rookie Ryan Torain may be that man.  The Arizona State standout is very highly regarded by Coach Mike Shanahan, but hasn't seen any kind of time this season aside from three carries for one yard in last week's loss to the Dolphins.

Shanahan made mistakes on Selvin Young and Travis Henry, what if he's wrong again?

Well, Mike thought Selvin had what it took to run the ball, but was never supposed to be a long-term solution.  As for Henry, he still has the talent and the drive, but can't seem to stay away from Mary Jane.  Maybe he should consider talking to Ricky Williams; he's cleaned his life up.  At least to the public.

The Torain love affair in Denver is the only hope this sadly division-leading team still has.  Can the rookie save the day? Is he any good?

I believe so.

Just because he didn't go to the big USC or Miami (FL) doesn't mean he isn't any good.  Anyone heard of LaDainian Tomlinson (TCU)? And maybe he wasn't drafted early, but did that stop Marion Barber III (109th pick)?  Mike Shanahan has even gone as far as saying Ryan Torain is the next Terrell Davis.

Desperate? Maybe. Hopeful? Definitely.

No matter what, Denver will be watching him closely and hoping he can turn the ship back on course.