Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: A Solution to the Drug-Testing Fiasco

Gee TagCorrespondent IJuly 24, 2011

Oh the blood tests!
Oh the blood tests!Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Recently, Bob Arum has confirmed that Team Pacquiao has acquiesced to Floyd Mayweather's demand of Olympic-style drug testing. Arum stated they would like to find an alternative to U.S. Anti-Doping Agency as he thought that a "neutral" option should be sought. Arum said that because Manny Pacquiao is from the Philippines, the USADA may be biased in favor of Mayweather. This mindset stems from the aftermath of last year's disastrous negotiations where Travis Tygart of the USADA implied Mayweather was a champion seeking to clean up the sport, while questioning Pacquiao's reluctance to submit to the USADA's style of testing. 

Pacquiao supporters have championed Arum's statement as a (hopeful) final stepping stone to the long-awaited clash between the sport's two brightest stars. Mayweather's backers (especially Floyd's chief advisor Leonard Ellerbe) have shunned Arum's statement as another excuse to stay away from the fight and that the USADA is the best and only option for testing in America.

The solution


Never heard of it? Well, now you have. It stands for the International Boxing Association (the word "amateur" has been dropped from its name).

The USADA came out with a statement last week claiming it was the best option for the fight and that it has no bias or conflict whatsoever against or for any particular individual. I believe it.

However, Team Pacquiao has finally agreed to random Olympic-style drug testing on the condition of finding another organization to conduct such protocols. The AIBA is a code signatory of World Anti-Doping Agency, which means it is held to the same standards as the USADA.

AIBA's protocol can be found here.

Team Mayweather has asked for Olympic-style random drug testing. The AIBA does exactly that. If Team Pacquiao suggests this body to conduct testing, Team Mayweather will have to seriously consider it. The fact that the AIBA is a boxing organization adds more weight to the possibility of it conducting the tests. Because it represent "amateurs" (and pros) is of no relevance as it would be hired to conduct testing only.

As a fan and a lover of boxing, I hope Team Mayweather and Team Pacquiao will take this information into consideration.

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