NFL Playoff Scenarios, Volume Two: Buffalo Bills Fall Out Of The Playoff Picture

Chris Radez@@ChrisRadezSenior Writer INovember 5, 2008

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was speeding down the highway on a motorcycle (I don't even own a motorcycle) with a cigarette in my mouth (I don't even smoke anymore), and I got pulled over. When the state trooper was writing me my ticket, all of my teeth fell out.

The trooper let me go because he felt bad for me.

Anyhow... just thought I'd share that strangeness with my readers. On to football.

Don't forget... these scenarios are based on what the playoffs would look like if they started today. They are not based on how I think the rest of the season will go.

AFC Playoff Picture

1. Tennessee Titans (8-0)

They needed overtime in order to sneak by the Packers, but they got it done. Lots of you had picked Green Bay to take down the Titans in last week's poll.

You were wrong. Care to pick again?

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2)

I have to admit, I thought Washington was going to take advantage of the Election Day aura that surrounded them. They didn't, and the Steelers showed that even if they lose their starting quarterback, they're still going to take it to you.

I can think of a few teams that haven't been able to say that this year.

3. New York Jets (5-3)

Last week the Jets weren't even in the picture. Now they're the three seed, and would enjoy home-field advantage in the Wild-Card round. If Brett Favre starts throwing touchdowns to the right team, this could become a concern for the rest of the AFC East.

4. Denver Broncos (4-4)

I find it awesome that Denver lost to the Dolphins. Now we just need for the Chargers to win some games and make the AFC West look legit again. Denver is on the right track, but they need to fill some holes on defense if they want to contend in this conference.

5. Baltimore Ravens (5-3)

Yep, twenty-four unanswered points against the Browns would earn Baltimore a trip to Denver for a Wild-Card matchup that suits them quite well. I'm still not completely sold on the Ravens as a legit contender, but I'd like their chances against Denver... and momentum can do a lot in the playoffs. Ask the Giants, they'll tell you.

6. New England Patriots (5-3)

The loss to the Colts was disheartening, after a pretty well-played game was completely destroyed in what seemed like three seconds. The Pats would still be in the playoffs though, and what a matchup they'd be faced with. A trip to the Meadowlands to face off with Favre and Co. in the Wild Card round would be fitting for Pats fans and Jets fans alike.

I'm sure everyone involved here would be more excited for this game than they've been for any game in a long time.


NFC Playoff Picture

1. New York Giants (7-1)

Absolutely destroyed the Cowboys in Week Nine. I mean... wow. The Giants are having one helluva season, but I'm starting to flash back to last year's Patriots. They sure did play great up until the last few weeks of the season? Did they run out of gas? Will the Giants do the same? Playing with that much heart week in and week out has to wear on you, right?

They've got Philly, who is currently on a three game winning streak, in Week Ten. This should be a good one.

2. Carolina Panthers (6-2)

The Panthers remain in the same spot as last week. They travel to Oakland to face the 2-6 Raiders in Week Ten. I'm thinking 7-2 wouldn't be unreasonable to predict. There's just something about the Panthers this year ... I can't put my finger on it, but I think they're headed in the right direction (and by right direction, I mean NFC Championship Game).

3. Arizona Cardinals (5-3)

The Cards and Bears flip-flop seeds from last week, based on conference record (.600 vs .571). This doesn't mean too awful much though, since the five and six seeds are equally better than both of them, in my opinion.

4. Chicago Bears (5-3)

Rex Grossman is the starting quarterback of this football team. I remember that statement from a year ago... but it didn't turn out so well. Can the Bears remain intact while Orton is out? I'm not so sure... but at least they have Matt Forte to lean on this year.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)

I'm really not sure how this would work ... so if anyone else does, please inform me. The Bucs and Redskins have identical records, division records, conference records and non-conference records. I'm giving Tampa Bay the five seed due to a better stat, which is net points (53-3).

6. Washington Redskins (6-3)

The 'Skins and Bucs don't play each other this season, so conference play will be extremely important for the next two months if they can't climb to the top of their respective divisions. A win against the Steelers would have been very helpful for Washington, but they couldn't put it together. I think they're getting their bye week right when they needed it (or maybe a week late).

Currently, the Wild Card Round would look like this:

Ravens @ Broncos, Patriots @ Jets, Buccaneers @ Bears, Redskins @ Cardinals

How about that? The Bills fell right out of the picture, after starting the season on such a great vibe. Still no Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, Vikings, Saints, Jags, Packers .... what a weird season.

Stay tuned for next week's playoff scenarios, as the 2008 NFL Season rolls on.


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