Creature vs. Creature 2.0: The Results and Epic Semifinals Matchups

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIJuly 23, 2011

I think we can all agree that it's been a phenomenal Creature vs. Creature competition and everyone involved wrote some of the best damn articles the wrestling section has seen in a very long time. If you're wondering why there was no Creature vs. Creature articles popping up in the last week, it was due to the winners earning a bye week to recharge their writing batteries! 

I know you're all thinking, "Jacob! Who in the blue hell are the division winners?"

Glad all you little Jimmies asked that, as the four writers who won the division are frighteningly skilled writers. Each topic they were given were harder then a play-through of the game "Demon's Souls!" The topics barely fazed our division winners as they made it look easy.

Without further adieu, the winners are: Chinmay, Rize, Hamster Fan and Eric Kanes.

Chinmay won by going Hollywood, as each of his articles were a blockbuster hit! Rize, being a take-no-prisoners-type of writer, was willing to cross the line to win the now legendary tough red division. Hamster Fan won with the throwback style of old school writing to win. Eric Kanes wrote brilliantly to the point of showing his oppositions their roles.

Now it's time to introduce the theme for the semifinal, and the theme is: Debates!

Basically, each matchup will have a topic and the two writers will be assigned their stance on the topic. The goal is to write a more convincing topic than their opponent. This won't be a joint article effort, as our four writers will write their assigned stance in article form.

Allow me to give you an example that showcases what I mean...

Let's say the topic is: Can John Cena wrestle? Let's say the matchup will be Rize vs. Chinmay and Rize is assigned the stance that John Cena can wrestle while Chinmay must write that John Cena cannot wrestle.

It's as simple as that!

The key is to be as persuasive as possible and utilize statistics, linking videos that support your claim and research to make your point from flimsy to ironclad strong. The goal is to convince the readers that you've made a stronger case and the voters should vote based on how well each writer presented their case and not because they are biased towards the stance they have been assigned to.

Also, all articles will be in article form and not as a slideshow. If any of the writers have questions, then please send a message to me via my Inbox. Also, our writers will have until Friday of the 29th to post their articles but can't start posting until Monday.

Here are the matchups and topics:

Topic: Should blading be banned?

Chinmay: Will support blading being banned.


Hamster Fan: Will be against blading being banned.


Topic: Should chairshots (protective and unproductive) be banned? 

Rize: Will be against chairshots.


Eric Kanes: Will support chairshots.

Good luck to all of our writers, and as Ray Kroc used to say, "Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get." So sweat as much as you can while writing!