WWE: Triple H's Return Gives Raw the Figurehead It Desperately Needs

Tom KinslowFeatured ColumnistJuly 22, 2011

When your only figurehead is a laptop, you're in big trouble.

The Raw brand has been subjected to the ridiculousness of an Anonymous General Manager, who rules the show from an undisclosed location. He (or she), will send an e-mail to the computer, which goes off in the arena, immediately leading to boos.

It is one of the worst angles in WWE history, and it has gone on for months, frustrating fans around the world. When Triple H's music went off on Monday night, and when he assumed control of the day-to-day operations, he might as well have smashed the lap top with a sledgehammer.

The Game is now the face of the Raw brand, and he is going to put his stamp on the way the show runs and conducts business. It is a role Vince McMahon used to fill perfectly, and now it's time for a new face for a new era.

When the WWE's product was at its best, there was a singular person we could associate with the leadership. You cannot connect with a computer that has no personality whatsoever. Using that angle was a cheap way to avoid developing a tangible personality at the top of the show.

Fans realized this, and responded accordingly. It was exciting when there were hints about how he General Manger was, but eventually, the creative team abandoned the angle, and fans quickly turned on the shadowy puppet master.

Now, with Triple H in control, it's time for him to set the tone on Monday's show.

Like he told CM Punk at Comic-Con, it's a new era at the WWE, and he cannot be another Vince McMahon clone. Sure, he can be a heel, but this cannot be a re-tread of old McMahon staples.

This is a man who has established himself as one of the greatest performers in WWE history and has the type of clout that deserves a fresh new angle.

McMahon made himself a performer, but when Triple H gets involved, he can make a devastating impact.

This is a man who has to put the legacy of the WWE on his shoulders. The Game still has the ability to wrestle on a semi-regular basis, and it is up to him to restore the company to its rightful place. Talk is useless at this stage of the game, and Triple H is the only man who can correct McMahon's sins.

When Monday night comes around, a new era will dawn, and Triple H will start crafting the next chapter in his legacy, leaving behind the awful memory of the laptop that ruled Raw in the past.