Washington State Football: Are Fans Crying Wulff?

Lew WrightSenior Writer INovember 4, 2008

Three days after yet another disaster on the field of play, it's time to put a spin on what has become Cougar football in 2008.

The Cougs traveled about a thousand miles to have their tails kicked for the eighth time this season.  Stanford dominated Washington State from beginning to end.  Their complete dismantling of what was supposed to be a revitalized team was astonishing.

That's right.  Washington State was coming off a bye week where players had extra time to heal injuries and work on the game plan for Stanford.

We're talking Stanford shutting out the Cougar offense for the second week in a row by a final score of 58-0.

Just how bad did it get?  Coach Jim Harbaugh went so deep on the depth chart, he went off the chart.  Late in the fourth quarter, the WSU radio announcers had to send someone to track down the Stanford SID (Sports Information Director) so they could learn the name of who was in at quarterback for the Cardinal.  That, my friends, is pretty bad.

Perhaps it was fitting for Mother Nature to dog pile on WSU.  It's been said that from time to time, into every life a little rain must fall.  For Coach Paul Wulff and the Cougs, there was about 2" of rain adding to the scoreboard trouncing.

Hearty fans who still follow Washington State football with passion have to wonder, "What's next?"

This Cougar football team has already established a new conference mark for ineptitude on defense.  Yes, WSU has given up more points to their opponents than any other Pac-10 team in the history of the conference.   The Cougs could shut out their next four opponents and still have the record.  

Yeah, like that's going to happen...

Cougar Nation and Coach Wulff may have something in common.  In a brief session with press Tuesday, Coach Wulff attributed some of the frustration hanging over Cougar football like a thundercloud stems from being asked the same questions day after day, week after week.   Cougar fans are frustrated watching a once proud program be taken to school by the opposition week after week.

Seniors on this football team have been reduced to talking about the past two sub-par seasons as "the good old days".

It's crystal clear that with four games left, this will be a memorable football season.  

The memory being etched into the minds of Cougar fans is a very painful one.

Beneath the surface of the disaster Cougar football has become is that change is taking place.

Coach Wulff isn't dodging anyone.  Though he has to be as frustrated as anyone associated with WSU, Coach Wulff hasn't been making excuses.  He hasn't been pointing the finger at problems he inherited.  Even when some have claimed that players are giving up, he isn't whining.

When it comes to accepting a challenge that would break the will of most people, Coach Wulff is standing his ground and refusing to wavier from the foundation established with the plan he's drawn up.

Three days after the Cougs suffered another complete and total defeat on the gridiron, it's important to focus on the future.

Coach Wulff has built up a football program before.  He has more passion as the football head coach than anyone since Coach Jim Walden walked the sidelines of Martin Stadium.

Better days are ahead in Pullman.