Hamilton: Legend in The Making Yes: But Certainly No "god"

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Hamilton: Legend in The Making Yes: But Certainly No

First off, let me say that under my point system where Luck is eliminated at best judgment (some examples being Hamilton won at Spa, got second in Singapore, and Massa finished second at France and won at Hungary) Hamilton won by guess what...........one Point!!!!

So YES, Hamilton deserved the championship; although I feel that Massa was more deserving for the way he went from 100 mistakes a lap in the beginning of the season to driving perfectly, along with his biggest achievement of all - his new ability to not let his emotions get to him or his nerves.

The reason I have now backed off of my prediction that Hamilton could very well be the seventh god of Racing (Nuvolari, Fangio, Stewart, Clark, Senna, Schumacher) is because of this last drive by Mr. Hamilton.  How in God’s/Allah’s/or whoever’s Green Earth...do you let Vettel, a 21 year old, in a Lesser Car, pass you when the championship is only given if you stay ahead??  Now I have been praising Vettel since even beFore his first run to eighth place in the 2006 US GP, ask any of my F1 friends.

I have especially been thinking, since the whole weekend in Monza, that maybe Vettel would soon take the glory away from Hamilton, and take that seventh spot in the “god” category.  This last drive (and sub-drive by Hamilton), is certainly a major step forward in that direction, and I wonder once again, why Ferrari hasn’t been banging at Vettel’s front door every waking minute to take him for at least a test driver spot.

If that wasn’t enough, how can you Not pass that 21 year old, in a lesser car Mr. Hamilton? Mr. “Best passer on the grid” by probably every British sports writer/commentator. The championship is right there, don’t you want it?  You can’t pass him?  Everything you’ve ever wanted times 1000 is 1 pass away, don’t you want it?  All I’m saying is do you REALLY think that Nuvolari, Fangio, Stewart, Clark , Senna  or Schumacher would have let Vettel Pass ?  More so, do you REALLY think that Nuvolari, Fangio, Stewart, Clark , Senna or Schumacher would have not been able to pass Vettel before the end?  I could just imagine Senna specifically in that situation; Vettel would have never Ever gotten by in the first place, and Senna would have found his way though if Vettel somehow did get passed.     

All these headlines of “With Championship, Hamilton will be Even Stronger” or “....Unbeatable”, “....Unstoppable”, I feel are completely wrong.  Felipe Massa, with his “new” line of thinking, and his “new” driving ability, and the taste of victory of 4 seconds....will propel Him to be unstoppable.

Now I actually don’t take much note into Hamilton ’s many dumb errors, as he will fix them, and they mostly don’t have to do with his true racing ability.  When someone uses those issues to argue against how good Hamilton is then you know you have someone who is just looking to down Lewis.

Also on a side note concerning McLaren’s strategy, Paul said, “Glock, did he lay down or run out of tires?  The answer is quite simple, if he run out of tires, then McLaren are the worst team on the grid. Let me explain, when Heikki was running shotgun, there was only two drivers they had to worry about Vettel and Glock. If they had wanted to stop Glock, all they had to do was slow him down after his second (and last ) pit stop. The gap at the time was 22-29 seconds, Heikki could have easily slowed him down, instead he let him go as did Hamilton. Why did they not do that, why did they let him go? With so much at stake, you do not leave lose ends. It was clear from the racing, that there was one guy who was not part of all the games and that was Vettel.”

Musically -

             Cory Pesaturo  “The Snowman”

P.S. - is this weird......The President of the USA (Very white sport), Winner of the latest F1 championship (Another Super white sport), and Best Player in Golf (ANOTHER Super white sport),....are all Black.........wooooooooooooooow it's certainly something to feel good about, especially when you look at younger generations and their future.

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