Super Bowl XLII: Why the Giants Stand a Chance

CabbageContributor IJanuary 27, 2008

This season has been full of surprises. The Packers had an honorable record at 13-3, battling through a playoff round and finishing their season in the NFC championship game.

There was also the lovable Romo and his Cowboys, taking the NFC East. And who could forget the Patriots big goose-egg in the loss column? Now we have winded our season down to two teams and one last game: The Giants and Patriots in super bow 42.

Currently the Giants are 13.5 point underdogs to the undefeated Pats. Most of the talk so far has been directed to the possibility of an unblemished record, but only a scarce amount of football experts have their money on the G-men this Super Bowl.

Maybe it's the 16-0 regular season record that's keeping the Patriots favorites and fooling everybody out of the chance of a Super Bowl victory for the Giants, but today, let's explore the Giants chances at propping the Lombardi Trophy high above their heads.

All season, the Giants have been struggling to keep up with the thriving Dallas Cowboys and stay on top of the wild card race. In fact, they didn't clinch playoffs until week 16 of 17.

After the clinch, there were all different opinions about resting the players on week 17 or putting full effort into the game. Coach Tom Coughlin took the risky gamble of playing his starters and trying at the game. So the starters took the field and got pumped up for their opponents: The New England Patriots.

Throughout the game the Giants put in an enormous amount of un-needed effort. Maybe it was for the excitement of a good football game, or just the constant battle for victory, but the Giants went through the whole game and at the last whistle found themselves losers by only three points. This was the closest game the Pats had played all year, forcing them to really strive for a 16-0 record. 

So how am I supporting the Giants chances at winning? Very simple. The Giants lost by only a three point margin in a meaningless game. Imagine how much more effort would be put in if this game meant the super bowl.

Maybe enough for an extra touchdown or adding in a turnover, ending a point scoring drive. There will be a positive difference in the Super Bowl than week 17 of the regular season.

Another satisfying reason for a Giants' success would be their road record. Standing at 11-0, the G-men have not lost a road game this season, and guess where the super bowl will be held? Arizona, not the New Jersey, making super bowl 42 a road game for the men in blue. It’s type of game they have yet to lose. That only adds to the chances of a win for the Giants on February 3rd.

Now I have given you two very acceptable reasons why the Giants can win Super Bowl 42. I hope that I have taught you to never rule out the underdog, because they have their own reasons to be the favorites.