MLB Trade Rumors: Chone Figgins or Coco Crisp to Cincinnati Reds? No Thanks

Cliff EasthamSenior Writer IIJuly 22, 2011

Coco Crisp
Coco CrispEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Why in the world would the Cincinnati Reds even look in the direction of Chone Figgins or Coco Crisp? Obtaining either one of these has-beens would be a downgrade at best.

Obtaining Figgins would simply tell the folk on the farm that all they are growing are trade chips and not Cincinnati Reds future stars.

Juan Francisco, as much as I loathe the thought, was being groomed to take the keys from Scott Rolen when he decides to call it a day.

The SeattlePI has reported that the Reds have an interest in acquiring the 33-year-old third baseman from the Mariners. I was unaware that the squad was looking for someone at the hot corner.

Zack Cozart has shown that they grown them sweet down on the farm. He has come in and injected immediate offense at a position which was pronounced dead on arrival.

Figgins has the entire city of Seattle hoping and praying that a deal gets finalized before the Reds wake up from their season long slumber. He is batting .182/.236/.240 with 1 HR and only 14 knocked in.

Seriously, who would want someone like that who is due $20M over two years? I looked that deal up on Amazon and it said people who bought this deal also bought a rope and a stool.

Crisp is nothing but a Willy Taveras with Corey Patterson tendencies. Do we need another antique in center field? I think not. At one point he looked like something special, but he hasn’t even had a 100-hit season since collecting 102 in 2008.

If anyone even dreams he is better than Drew Stubbs they should wake up and apologize to the SOS Stubbs immediately. Crisp may have a slight edge defensively but I even doubt that. You would be downgrading in power for what? Tell me please.

The Knobler Blog at reports that the Reds are taking a hard look at Crisp. Who would want to trade for, I said trade for, a leadoff man with a .316 OBP? Jonny Gomes is getting on base better than that. Come on!

I don’t know what they would want to take in return for such door prizes as Figgins and or Crisp, but I imagine we would be getting the hoe out and digging up a few real good crops just before they have ripened.

The Reds are currently in a sorry state, that’s a fact right there and you know it. Dusty Baker wants to continue to trot the SOS Stubbs out there in a leadoff role instead of replacing him with Chris Heisey. Find a good, I said good—not recycled outfielder to man the left field position.

We need a left fielder not a center fielder. Left fielders generally have a little pop to their bat not slap hitters like Crisp or Juan Pierre.

I tend to think the Reds have the following positions in fairly solid shape: Right field with Jay Bruce; center field with Heisey; third base with Rolen; shortstop with Cozart, second base with Phillips (unless they buy high priced, low valued players who would eat up his part of the payroll needed to keep him); Votto at first base; and Ryan Hanigan behind the plate (in case they have a sudden desire to trade Ramon Hernandez).

They need a big gun to come in and take over as “ace of the staff.” Johnny Cueto is currently filling the role but is probably more appropriately a No. 2 starter.

Wasn’t the idea of Yonder Alonso learning to play left field a preparation for him to play that position with the Reds?

Personally I would like to see the disgruntled Colby Rasmus come to the Queen City. I think the change would do him good. How about it, Homer Bailey and the proverbial Player to be named later for Rasmus?

Wouldn’t that have more logic on it than trying to revive Figgins and Crisp? Like one of the Mariners fans said, “Maybe they will take Milton Bradley while they are at it.”