CM Punk vs. WWE: Why There Is Only One Shot to Make This Work

Brian KennedyCorrespondent IJuly 21, 2011

With the recent invasion by CM Punk at the WWE Comic-Con Q & A, I can't help but wonder where the WWE is going with this storyline.

Never before has a story been so detailed and real. The closest the WWE has come to a real-life, in-your-face story was when Steve Austin broke into Brian Pillman's house and Pillman brandished a handgun. (My humble opinion.)

Since Sunday's pay-per-view, CM Punk has stayed in the public eye partying in Chicago and going to a Cubs game, all the while keeping his WWE championship with him. I like what the WWE is doing letting a wrestler take time off yet keeping him entangled in the company's storyline.

The only question is, when will CM Punk return to WWE TV?

Punk told Rey Mysterio at Comic-Con that if he wanted to challenge him for the title he could come to Chicago for a match. Triple H, the new "CEO" of the WWE, also chimed in and told Punk to call him to see if they could work something out.

Punk's reaction: "You know where to find me, I am sure Stephanie has my number."

By the looks of things, CM Punk and Triple H will be butting heads in the near future. If the WWE wants this to work, do not let Triple H wrestle Punk until absolutely necessary. This would drive home the point of Triple H being more of a boss than a competitor.

Who knows, maybe Triple H will start a new regime and recruit John Cena because he is the WWE in Triple H's eyes.

It makes sense; have Cena and Punk feud while Punk is trying to piss off Triple H and spoil his plans. The feud between Triple H and Punk would be outside the ring and Cena and Punk would be in the ring.

The last time the WWE Universe was this captivated with a storyline was when the original Nexus invaded Raw. (We all know how long that lasted.) Vince McMahon had a golden opportunity to keep mystery and surprise in a storyline and squashed it within a month.

This is a critical time for the WWE, as they are using the Internet (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) to keep this storyline going. But the Internet can only go so far, and before we know it, people will be screaming for CM Punk back on Raw.

The ball is currently in Triple H's court. If ever there were a person who could keep a great storyline going, it is the cerebral assassin. But he only has one shot to make it work.

Play your cards right, and you have another storied rivalry. Play them wrong, and you have another smear on the WWE name.