WWE's Triple H Needs to Go from the Game to Chief Operating Officer

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIJuly 29, 2011

When Vince McMahon stepped down and handed the reigns of WWE programming to his doofus son-in-law Triple H, we all were very jubilant of the change. Most of us grew up watching Triple H from the days when Mr. Perfect was his manager to the antics of Degeneration X to the days as being a demented heel in the stable Evolution. The last two decades Triple H has cemented himself as one of the greatest to ever set foot in the ring.  

Now, we are apparently in the next stage of Triple H's career as a Chief Operating Officer for the WWE. The Issue is most of us still imagine him as a wrestler who will kick someone around with his sledgehammer then as some authority figure who is essentially the Boss. It's a transition that'll take a while to sink in as we're all used to Vince being the Boss and that's not Triple H's fault.

Here are the crucial concepts and ideas that I believe will help make the transition much more fluid. 

First, Triple H should no longer used the name Triple H due to the stigma of it being a wrestler's name and not one an authority figure would have. He should either use his real name Paul Michael Lévesque or his gimmick name Hunter Hearst Helmsley but shorten to Hunter Helmsley. 

Wrestlers calling him something other then the name Triple H will hammer home the fact he's no longer The Game but an authority figure.

Next, they'll have to change his entrance theme to visually show the change of Triple H as OCC. Believe it or not, Triple H has used the same song since 2000. Any new song would be a big change as his theme song. "The Game" will always be his wrestling theme but that stage of his life is over so he needs a theme that embodies the characteristics of an authority figure.

When it comes to the correct clothing to wear as COO, they are doing fine in that aspect. Triple H has always been seen in a suit and tie since it was announced he would become COO. Also, I believe Triple H should shave off his facial hair as a clean-shaven look will give him the appearance of looking more professional.

Triple H will have to change his attitude to where he has to make rules and enforce them while not getting into physical confrontations with wrestlers. Yeah, Vince McMahon wrestled his top stars from time to time when he was the Boss, but Triple H is just starting out and needs to get us into the habit of viewing his as the boss and not as a wrestler.

Let's take the idea of a feud between Triple H and CM Punk that everyone seems to be wanting at the present time. He just can't get into the face of CM Punk and kick him around because that won't present the reputation as an authority figure. What he'll need to do is get some goons who feud with CM Punk. A feud with each goon whomever they may be will be three or four months long.

Let's say this occurs over a two-year period as CM Punk is victorious in coming out on top in each feud against Triple H's goons which would make Triple H frustrated with each loss.  This upcoming Wrestlemania can have someone who Triple H hires to try to eliminate CM Punk. I think Stone Cold or The Undertaker would be compelling enough choices and logical enough to progress the bigger picture of a Triple H and CM Punk feud. 

After so many crushing defeats and all his goons defeated, Triple H will then have to follow the old adage, "If you want something done right then do it yourself." When Triple H reaches that point, it'll be time for Wrestlemania 29 and it'll be where the feud ends. A long delay in wrestling anyone will simply be a good payoff for all the fans as it'll be a special treat rather then a normal occurrence that we expect.

If all that I've stated become a reality then the transition from wrestler to authority figure will be quick, fluid and logical. In reality, I know all I have suggested won't happen and most likely only some aspects will come true but in a different way then I would have done if I was a member of the creative team. Regardless of what happens, we all know that sooner or later we'll all be used to Triple H the authority figure.