Magic-Celtics: Do You Believe in Magic?

Johnny SheaCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2008

The Orlando Magic have defeated the Boston Celtics, handing the Boston "Three Party" their eighth loss of the season.

The game was controlled by Dwight Howard and the Magic, but in the end, the Celtics seemed like they were going to win by luck o' the Irish.

However, Orlando used their magic to prevail. It was a fantastic game, and a battle of two of the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

With four minutes left, the Magic led 91-84. With Kevin Garnett suffering a minjor injury, he could not play. The "Three Party" were missing their strongest man.

Boston needed their Irish luck, and they certainly got what they needed. Paul Pierce served a chest pass direct to Ray Allen at the baseline, who finished it with a three pointer. It seemed like it would be another wild Celtics finish, proving that they really are the best.

Doc Rivers pumped his fist. The crowd was silent. No magic this time. Or was there?

After a timeout called by Van Gundy, the Magic took the court and delivered a pass to Turkoglu. The clock reached single digits. I sat at the television, wondering when he would shoot the ball.

It seemed as though hours had passed before Turkoglu, Mr. Fourth Quarter, stepped up and shot the three.

It is like everything was in slow motion. I heard a Magic fan scream, the ball in mid-air, all eyes on the basket, time expires, and the shot goes through the net...swoosh.

It was the classic Kodak finish. The Magic piled around Turkoglu, Patrick Ewing letting out a sigh of great relief.

Orlando has presented Doc Rivers and the Celtics with their eighth loss of the season, and despite the fact that they gave up the last seven points of the game, Turkoglu stepped up and ended it with a three-pointer for all to remember.

Surely, I do believe in Magic.