Batista's World Title Reign: What a Joke!

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Batista's World Title Reign: What a Joke!

At Cyber Sunday, our World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, was to defend his championship against, as of Monday, our former World Heavyweight Champion—Batista.

Jericho lost his title after run-ins from multiple referees and JBL. Batista went on to hold the title for 15 days, just over two weeks.

Why would the WWE do this? There is only one reason that comes to mind. The WWE is doing everything in its power to keep "Big Dave" Happy. Rumors have been running ramped that Batista is looking to retire soon.  I'm sure McMahon is trying to keep Dave happy so he won’t be so keen on leaving.

All Batista's reign did was slow down the steam engine that has been Chris Jericho, the muscle behind RAW for the past several months. Now I have to believe they will have Jericho drop the title to John Cena. 

Batista's reign was a cheap ploy to keep him happy. Now if the WWE did that to every unhappy performer backstage then we would have a new champion every week. Just because Batista states he wants to retire doesn't mean you give him a win over your brightest star (John Cena) only to give him a sorry two-week title reign. 

Batista is twisting a million dollar company's arm to beg him to stay and it seems to be working, but for how long?

The only thing I'm happy about here is that Jericho is the Champion again. The title should have never been taken away from him. I enjoyed the surprise of Jericho winning the title back on RAW and everything.

Well, Jericho just lost about six months' worth of momentum, and all to make "The Animal" happy. Jericho's the top of the food chain now and it should have stayed that way as far as I’m concerned.


Tell me what you think of Batista's recent title reign and the rumors of his departure/retirement.


Thanks for reading, Ross.


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