The Many Feuds Of Kevin Harvick, Pt. 4: Feuding With Teammates Doesn't Get Old

Jen PrestonSenior Analyst INovember 4, 2008

Jeff Green wasn't the only teammate Happy Harvick had it out with.  And by now, you shouldn't expect anything less!

The difference with his feud with Robby Gordon, however, was that it didn't die after the two were no longer under the same roof.

Trouble between the two "hot heads" began early during their three-year relationship as drivers for Richard Childress Racing, when the rookie Harvick spun out his teammate at what was then Sears Point.  It wouldn't be the pair's last battle on the track... or, for that matter, their last battle.

“If you've got some competition within, it could make it better,” Harvick said, “but most of the time, I think it makes it worse.”

In 2003, during a then-Busch race at Rockingham, Harvick was leading in an RCR car when Gordon, driving his own entry, took out his Cup teammate when he was trying to get his lap back.

"That was a lapped-down car sliding into a leader," Harvick said when asked about it.

"You'll have to ask the guy holding the steering wheel. I haven't talked to him; it's a waste of air."

Gordon was equally pleasant.

"He told me I was No. 1," Gordon said. "But he does that every week."

To add more to the feud, Harvick and his former teammate have each cost each other a win at, you guessed it, Sonoma.  The other Gordon (Jeff, for the folks at home) even got involved in 2003 when Robby Gordon went below the yellow line to beat Harvick back to the caution.  Gordon would win, sending his teammate to third.

"It was good hard racing, except for that chicken move under yellow." Harvick said.

The four-time champion took the side of Harvick when discussing the end of the race.

"(Gordon) won the race fair and square, except for that move right there. I don't care if they call it a gentlemen's agreement or not, what he did, especially to his teammate, is absolutely ridiculous.

"If he can be proud and satisfied with himself over there in Victory Lane because he knows he passed his teammate under caution, then by all means have at it."

Robby Gordon, celebrating in victory lane while the second- and third-place finishers cried foul, had strong words for Gordon, who he'd had altercations with before, saying it was none of the driver's business and that "his pass on Harvick was a payback for what he viewed as a 'cheap-shot' pass earlier."

It wasn't the flashiest feud involving the brash Harvick, but it definitely grabbed headlines in California, the birthplace of both drivers.

Richard Childress was right on the mark, though, when he called his race team a very dysfunctional family.  Indeed, RC... indeed it was.