The 30 Ugliest Special Uniforms in Sports

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IIJuly 22, 2011

The 30 Ugliest Special Uniforms in Sports

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    Every year no matter what sport or league it is, teams come up with brand new special uniforms to wear for holiday or special recognition games.

    These uniforms usually try to incorporate the holiday's colors into the the team's colors, sometimes making for a great color combo and sometimes...well not so much.

    These uniforms, if done right, can look amazing, but sometimes they are so poorly executed they make fans want to shield their eyes rather than watch the game in front of them.

    So here is a list of 30 of the ugliest special uniforms in sports.  

No. 30 Knicks Christmas Day Uniforms

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    These aren't the worst on this list, but it's a good thing these aren't the Knicks usual uniforms.

    The shades of red in the shorts and the top were a little off from what the pictures show, and it wasn't the most flattering shade of green they could have chosen.       

No. 29 Virginia Tech Nike Pro Combat Uniform

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    This was one of the original Nike Pro Combat Uniforms that came out in 2010, to be worn for one special game during Virginia Tech's season. 

    The mostly black uniform with only hints of orange on it was a little too dramatic, making it look better suited for Halloween than any rivalry or special football game that season.  

No. 28 Charlotte Bobcats Green Week Uniform

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    Three NBA teams tried to celebrate a Green Week, sponsored by the NBA, and not one of them was able to execute a decent looking uniform for those games.

    Here is the Bobcat uniform. It's the best of the three teams with Green Week uniforms, but there are too many shades of green too close together in this uniform. 

No. 27 Rockies Turn Ahead the Clock Uniform

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    Before the clock struck midnight on the 1990s, several MLB teams decided to create futuristic uniforms to celebrate the coming of the year 2000. 

    Not many of the uniforms turned out well, looking more like they belonged in a science fiction movie than on the baseball field. 

    This one is bad, but at least it wasn't as bad as some of the others!

No. 26 San Jose Sharks Holiday Uniform

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    The Sharks wore these uniforms for the holidays a couple of seasons ago. Between the awful coloring and the pictures of presents near the numbers on the back these are just super ugly and super tacky.

No. 25 Florida Debut of Nike Pro Combat Uniform

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    The University of Florida debuted these Nike Pro Combat uniforms in 2010 as the potential full time uniform for the next year. 

    Thankfully they decided to add some more contrasting color to the real uniforms they decided to go with for the next season. 

No. 24 Boston Celtics St. Patrick's Day Uniform

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    In a city that celebrates St. Patrick's Day so fiercely, one would think that the Celtics would have done a better job designing these holiday uniforms.

    However, they did not. The gold band on the shorts is too big, and the clover in the center of it just looks silly.   

No. 23 Phillies Chirstmas in July Uniform

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    Here is yet another red and green themed ugly uniform on this list, proving sometimes just sticking with your normal colors is your best option.

No. 22 Richmond Renegades Valentines Day Jerseys

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    Wow if you thought all of the Christmas hockey jerseys were bad, this one fits right in there with them.

    For a such an aggressive sport that spawns so many on-ice fights, it's weird to see them celebrate the holiday of love with this monstrosity.

No. 21 San Antonio Iguanas Thanksgiving Jerseys

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    This in not the ugliest holiday-themed jersey in minor league hockey, but it's up there.

    With the cartoony leaves mismatched against the iguana logo, the colors clash and make for one ugly jersey.

No. 20 Denver Green Week Uniform

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    Here is another team that attempted to celebrate the NBA's Green Week with a special new uniform.

    Just like the other two teams who tried to make these special green uniforms, the Nuggets failed in execution coming up with this design.

    The uniforms are not only visually very boring, but the block lettering on them looks sort of odd and the striping on the shirts seemed a little bit smaller than on the shorts, giving it a disproportionate look and feel.  

No. 19 Mets Turn Ahead the Clock Uniform

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    The Mets uniform, like the rest of the MLB turn ahead the clocks uniforms, was awful. With the odd logos and arm bands, this is not one of their best designs.  

No. 18 Las Vegas Thunder Valentines Uniform

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    Oh only a team from Las Vegas could have come up with these hideous jerseys. There is just far to much pink for a hockey team on these special uniforms.

No. 17 Angels Turn Ahead the Clock Uniform

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    Like all of the other turn ahead the clock uniforms, this one is atrocious.

No. 16 Royals Turn Ahead the Clock Uniform

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    This MLB turn ahead the clock uniform is even worse than the Rockies one, but not the worst on this list.

    What really makes this uniform bad are the huge "futuristic" sleeves and mix and match of fonts for all of the writing on the shirt.

No. 15 Charlotte Bobcats NASCAR Inspired Uniform

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    This isn't the first time the Bobcats have created a NASCAR inspired uniform, but it is one of the ugliest.

    Those kind of checkers belong only on soccer shorts and NASCAR flags.  

No. 14 Ohio State Nike Pro Combat Uniform

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    Here is another Nike Pro Combat Uniform that was just plain ugly.

    Ohio State wore these uniforms to honor the troops and pay tribute to an older OSU team during a rival game with Michigan. 

    While the idea behind them was really nice, the execution of the idea was awful. The camo under armor was tacky and the red helmet with red jersey didn't provide enough contrast in the outfit.  

No. 13 Green St. Patrick's Day Red Sox Uniform

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    These uniforms looked more like Christmas uniforms than St. Patrick's day ones. 

No. 12 Hershey Bears Holiday Jerseys

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    Wow... I wonder if they just said "hey how many ugly Christmas themed items can we put on this jersey?"

No. 11 Icehawks Holiday Jersey

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    This is one tacky minor league tradition that should probably stop.

    The amount of random holiday themed things on this jersey is truely hideous.

No. 10 Pirates Turn Ahead the Clock Uniform

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    Here is another disastrous example of an MLB Turn Ahead the Clock uniform.

    These cartoony Pirates uniforms are far too brightly colored and the logo in the center just looks childish. 

No. 9 Celtics NBA Cares Warm Up Uniforms

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    It's not often that a team's warm up uniform will be criticized, but these Celtics warm ups worn in honor of the NBA Cares program, were awful.

No. 8 Eagles 75th Anniversary Uniform

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    During the NFL's 75th anniversary season, several teams wore throwback uniforms to celebrate. 

    Most of the throwbacks were atrocious, and the Eagles uniform was no exception. The neon yellow and blue colors hurt your eyes and it looked more like something a little girl would wear rather than what an NFL player would wear. 

No. 7 Redskins NFL Anniversary Uniforms

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    Here is another ugly celebration uniform for an NFL Anniversary. The colors on this uniform remind me of ketchup and mustard. They belong on a sandwich not a uniform.

No. 6 Chicago Bulls Green Week Uniforms

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    Of all the NBA teams that did a Green Week uniform this one is the worst. The dark green with bright red trim is a horrible color combination.

No. 5 Broncos 50th NFL Anniversary Uniform

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    This uniform definitely deserves to be in the top five ugliest special uniforms of all time. The disgusting brown and mustard yellow colors with the poorly painted numbers on the helmet is terrible.

No. 4 Bears 75th Anniversary Uniform

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    I have yet to come across an anniversary uniform that I have liked. This one is especially terrible with the wide vertical and v-neck stripes.

No. 3 Trenton Thunder 4th of July Tribute

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    These special 4th of July weekend uniforms are a complete eye sore. People in the stands were probably so blinded by their hideousness that they couldn't focus on the game even with Jeter there!

No. 2 Green Bay Packer Throwback

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    These are a great reason why throwback uniforms should only be done with great caution. These are quite possibly the ugliest uniforms ever made period, throwback or not.

No. 1 the Florida Everglades Holiday Uniform

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    This is hands down the ugliest special uniform of all time. It almost makes you want to puke just looking at it in all of its lime green glory.