NFL's Week 10 Pick'em: Trailing ESPN's Mortensen By Two

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer INovember 4, 2008

By Derek Lofland

After an incredible 11-3 week, (failing on the Redskins, Broncos and Jaguars' games) my 2008 record now stands at 85-45, which translates to a .654 percentage correct rate.

Also, note that out of eight ESPN’s experts, I only trail Chris Mortensen by two games. His record for the year is 87-43.

On to predicting Week 10 of the NFL Football season!


New Orleans (4-4) at Atlanta (5-3): This is a big game for New Orleans. They are in last place at 4-4 and have to keep pace with this division. A loss will probably leave them three games out of the division lead and two games behind Atlanta and Tampa Bay.

They cannot afford to have that many teams to leapfrog. I like the Saints coming off a bye to beat the Falcons, who are coming off a road win in Oakland. Drew Brees should have another big game and score enough points for the Saints to win this game.

Winner: New Orleans


Tennessee (8-0) at Chicago (5-3): I had originally picked this as Tennessee’s first loss in one of my earlier articles. That was until the Bears were blessed with the return of Sexy Rexy.

I refuse to pick a team to win a game with Rex Grossman at quarterback when the opponent is 8-0 and has...

a very tough defense. I look for lots of Rex Grossman interceptions and another good defensive effort by Tennessee to get them to 9-0.

The Titans will not go 16-0 this season, but they are still the best team in football until someone beats them.

Winner: Tennessee


Green Bay (4-4) at Minnesota (4-4): This is a big game for the NFC North. The winner is in all likelihood going to be tied with the Chicago Bears for the division lead. Green Bay has played well in the dome in recent years, and Rodgers played very well against the Vikings in the opener. I expect a close game like these rivals give us every time they play one another.

The key is going to be which defensive unit gets the better of the following matchup: Adrian Peterson vs. the 27th ranked Green Bay run defense or Aaron Rodgers/Greg Jennings and the 23rd ranked Minnesota defense. I like the Packers to score enough points to win.

Winner: Green Bay


Buffalo (5-3) at New England (5-3): Buffalo is another team on a slide. After starting 4-0, they have gone 1-3 and their lead in the division is completely erased. Buffalo does not force enough interceptions to get Matt Cassel in trouble. Buffalo will play hard like they always do.

However, just as they were relegated to the pass against the Jets, the Hood will make them beat them through the air and take away Lynch. I think New England finds a way to win a tough divisional game at home.

Winner: New England


New York Giants (7-1) at Philadelphia (5-3): Every divisional game in the NFC East is a big game. A record of 10-6 could get a team a last place finish in the NFC East the way things are headed. I am going with the upset in this game.

I think when...

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