Image Comics to Release "Heart," New MMA Comic Book Miniseries

Todd Seyler@toddseylerContributor IJuly 20, 2011

"Heart" by Blair Butler
"Heart" by Blair Butler

Mixed martial arts fans worldwide can now add a comic book series to their collection of DVDs, bobble heads and other assorted MMA paraphernalia.

Written by Blair Butler, a writer for G4 and a huge MMA fan, news was released of the four-part miniseries "Heart" on Attack of the Show.

According to, Butler is collaborating with artist Kevin Mellon to create her inaugural series inspired by one of her true passions.

Speaking specifically about the series, Butler was quoted when talking with Comics Alliance, "To be honest, it’s hugely intimidating to be writing my own book. I mean, what if it sucks, right? That’s the thing that keeps me up at night."

A rabid fan of ultimate fighting, Butler wrote in an e-mail, "I’ve been really passionate about this subject matter for a long, long time—and this is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a while."

With a vision of her story, Butler understands that there will be bumps in the road with this novel idea.

“I know I’ve made—and will continue to make—some absolute rookie mistakes, but I’ve been undeservedly lucky to collaborate with artist Kevin Mellon, who totally breathed life into this project and has the patience of a saint. That first page he did gave me little chills.”

Pertinent information regarding the actual story and characters is unknown, however, images from the first few pages are available for preview.

Comic book and MMA fans alike will be excited with the release of "Heart." Stay tuned for more details and this exciting art expression into one of the world's most adrenaline-pumping sports.

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