BCS: Dear Mr. University President

Brent EubankContributor INovember 4, 2008

Dear Mr. University President,

Thank you for this opportunity to come to you and speak on behalf of 90 percent of college football fans. We really love your sport. We talk about it, argue about it, dream about it, and generally can't get enough of it.


I am not coming to you to complain about your sport. Please do not change college football. There is nothing more exciting than watching 50 college football games every Saturday, except maybe watching 32 college basketball games in two days.


The thing is we are a society that loves winners. We not only love winners; we love underdogs.


We want to see David take down Goliath. We want to see George Mason go to the Final Four. We want drama. We NEED drama.


The problem is with the BCS we get no drama. We get no underdog story. We (usually) get no clear winner.


You say “the whole season is a playoff.” If that is true, why do teams almost always back into the Championship game? Why are there teams that go undefeated that never have a chance? Is that even fair?


I understand your dilemma. You want money. College sports are a source of income. You are making lots of money already.


In fact, what we all want will lose you millions of dollars.


So maybe you, University Presidents, aren't the problem. Maybe the problem is with the fans. Maybe it is because we don't demand a better product.


What can I do to get a better product? Should I boycott the bowl games? Should I write letters to my congressmen and women? Should I cancel my college football Game Plan? How do I get my plea across to you?


How do we solve this dilemma?


College Football Fans who long for a playoff system