Ya Know What I Hate?

Max KienzlerAnalyst INovember 4, 2008

...I hate fans that boo for no reason.

Don't get me wrong. Booing is a completely acceptable form of expression at a sporting event. It is like cheering, if someone does well, you cheer. If someone does poorly, you boo. Simple, right?

But what isn't acceptable in my mind is the obnoxious and dimwitted people who boo someone as they come on to the field, before even taking a snap, before even having the chance to do something wrong.

Rex Grossman. Has the man had several games where he was just downright atrocious? Definitely. But does that mean that when Orton went down at the end of the second quarter with what’s been diagnosed as a high-ankle sprain, that Bears fans should boo our backup?

Shoot, I won't lie, I was nervous when the camera panned to Rex warming up before the second half. I was holding my breath because I wasn't sure what was going to happen when he came in. But I didn't boo him.

Really people, I mean, he didn't even get the chance to do anything, much less screw up, before the Chicago "faithful" let him hear it. It was plain stupid.

And the sad part is I sort of wish that this upcoming game against the Titans was AT Tennessee, just because I think that Titan fans will be easier to deal with than Bear fans.

Rex's numbers were not the most impressive in the second half: 9-19, 58 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, 1 Rush TD (and a few patted passes). He looked a little shaky. He obviously did not get a lot of reps in practice, so you can expect his touch to be a little off, which is why every pass deep flew an extra 10 yards or so.

But he still won us the game.

And he is still going to be booed by a bunch of classless morons in the crowd this week. It is sad because I love going to Soldier Field. I love Bear fans. But some seem to hold a grudge and some (must be Cub fans) seem to be fatalistic.

As I sat in the bar, watching the Lions game, there were a few other Bears fans there, and all they said the whole second half was "Don't let Grossman throw it!" And while Forte was a beast the second half, you have to throw it sometimes.

Every time it was not a run, the other fans would cuss up a storm about how terrible the playcalling was. I appreciate their opinion to keep running, but when it’s 3rd-and-10, and you are still losing, you have to throw the ball. I don't care who is at quarterback.

This week, the Bears are facing the 8-0 Titans at Soldier Field. Hopefully, it won't feel like a home game for Rex, because from the looks of it, the home fans are going to be worse than the away fans...and that, my friends, is sad.