WWE: Why RAW Has Once Again Become "Must-See" TV Every Week

Travis SmithAnalyst IIJuly 20, 2011

The WWE was a company considered by some, to be a company that was free falling in the public’s eyes. Performers and creative staff took a lot of heat from critics for making the product stale. All the talk of boring, stale, and lackluster has been thrown out the window over the past two months.

The CM Punk angle was a very risky approach to sell a pay-per-view, because a lot of fans would be hesitant to watch someone compete for the richest prize in the company that was also leaving the company at the end of the event.

The WWE responded to the challenge by creating one of the best storylines that the industry has seen in the past 20 years.

CM Punk spoke some truth behind his promos about how he felt that the company was full of “Ass-kissing yes men.” The “shoot” promo on RAW shook the entire foundation of professional wrestling to it’s core and got fans buzzing about what was going to happen next on RAW.

CM Punk and John Cena split the fans into two sides, with one side being the traditional WWE fans that were supporting the champion, John Cena.

The opposition was made up of radical, professional wrestling fans that wanted to see “Real” wrestling. The split in fan support made it fun to watch RAW again and it was a storyline that any wrestling fan could tap into.

The WWE surprised a lot of fans by having CM Punk defeat John Cena in Chicago for the WWE Title, even though Punk did not re-sign with the company. The feud was booked correctly to catch fans' interests and it made the next night on RAW a “Can’t Miss” event. The entire world would once again be shocked on RAW.

Triple H's shocking annoucement has caused a buzz in the wrestling world and has made the WWE relevent agian in the eyes of many.
Triple H's shocking annoucement has caused a buzz in the wrestling world and has made the WWE relevent agian in the eyes of many.

Vince McMahon created a one-night tournament for the WWE Title that would see the finals be delayed to next Monday for the reason of “firing” John Cena.

The closing of show saw John Cena deliver one of his best in-ring promos of his career, but that wouldn’t be the reason that caused the entire wrestling world to buzz.

Triple H returned to RAW by interrupting Vince McMahon and informing him that he was “relieved of his duties” as the chairman of the board. Triple H also stated that he was Vince’s replacement and that moment brought tears to Vince McMahon’s eyes.

The shocking angle has now gotten everyone on an uproar about the choice to make Triple H the new chairman of the board and has gotten RAW back on people’s radars.

Now with all of the surprises that RAW has brought in the past month, the point that has been made is that RAW is now once again, “must-see TV”. Fans are now excited with the product that has been presented in the past two months and the satisfaction rate of the product has gone up.

The Money In The Bank pay-per-view was one of the best PPVs that the WWE has produced in a long time and it has finally gotten all wrestling fans believing that more change is coming soon.

I believe that the new creative staff that the WWE has assembled will make the company work harder on presenting quality shows on a weekly basis.

I think the WWE is on the rise again and will continue to improve. This is a welcomed change because now fans cannot miss RAW because you never know what will happen next.