WWE SummerSlam 2011: Predictions on How This Card Will Surpass Money in the Bank

Dave PierceyContributor IIIJuly 23, 2011

WWE SummerSlam 2011: Predictions on How This Card Will Surpass Money in the Bank

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    In the wake of what some are touting as the best pay-per-view in the last decade, one of the most talked about Monday Night Raws in recent memory (possibly only behind CM Punk's shoot promo) and a decent SmackDown that was surprisingly saved by Kane, SummerSlam is quickly approaching.  

    The Biggest Event of the Summer has some very big shoes to fill to live up to that moniker.

    SummerSlam 2011 has the potential to flourish and continue the positive momentum that WWE is riding. It also has the potential to completely halt that momentum and be overshadowed by episodes of Raw (and maybe SmackDown).

    Most of what I'm presenting here I have not seen offered before (not all of it). Furthermore, I do think that many of you will mark out at the WWE Championship idea that I present.

    Considering the success of what we've seen so far, I have some high hopes, and here is what I think we'll be seeing on August 14th.

Zack Ryder vs. Vladimir Koslov

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    This one may be a little bit of a long shot, but I'm going for it.  Plus, I know how many people I'll make happy by including Zack Ryder on my projected card.  

    On Superstars, we saw Zack Ryder team with Santino Marella and defeat New Nexus.  Sure, New Nexus is being booked to seem like my grandmother could beat them, but I hope that it wasn't just randomly put together.

    My hope is to see Ryder and Marella challenge for the tag titles on Raw either next week or the week after only to have Vladimir Koslov interfere and cost them the belts. Jack Korpela and Matt Striker talked a good amount about how Koslov was not happy about Ryder and Marella teaming up because he didn't want to lose his friend in Santino.

    Ryder is getting cheered as a face more and more each week, and WWE knows it. Attempting to keep him heel won't work, and if the pair does get a title shot, Koslov has the opportunity to return to being a heel, where he can re-establish the dominance he once displayed when he first came to WWE.

    Even though heel Ryder has a Superstars win over face Koslov, expect a heel Koslov to destroy Ryder in a quick match for their first pay-per-view match in a long time to set up the possibility for big things in Koslov's future.

    Winner: Vladimir Koslov

Daniel Bryan vs. Johnny Curtis

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    There's no real reason for the match to be honest.  I needed to get Daniel Bryan on the card somehow and Johnny Curtis has NXT in common with Bryan...that's something, right?

    I will say here that I thought Bryan's promo on SmackDown was great.  I'm definitely not too concerned about his mic skills.

    Winner: Daniel Bryan

WWE Tag Team Titles: New Nexus (c) vs. the Usos

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    I asked for this match at Money in the Bank and am a little upset that we haven't seen this match yet. The Usos deserve a title shot.  Plain and simple.  

    They have a non-title victory over the current champs (along with Santino and Ryder), but I want this one to happen at a big event. The belts haven't been defended at a pay-per-view since Over the Limit in May.

    Please just let the tag division get SOME time.  Doesn't need to be a long match, just something....

    Winner (and new champions): The Usos

Intercontinental Title: Ezekiel Jackson (c) vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

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    I hate that the Intercontinental title will be used as a prop here, but expect it to happen.  

    The Cody Rhodes and Ted BiDiase partnership is fading. Neither is having as much success as they theoretically should, but Ezekiel Jackson has been a part of their story for awhile now.

    It's not the cleanest booking in the world, but somehow, Rhodes gets a shot at the title on SmackDown, but DiBiase goes Alex Riley on him, costing Rhodes the match and setting up this match with Jackson in the middle of it.

    Winner (and new champion): Cody Rhodes

United States Title: Dolph Ziggler vs. ?

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    Raw is stacked with some great talent, and there are a number of people who could fill this role.

    For me, it's too soon to call this with so much attention on the WWE title. Neither midcard title was defended at Money in the Bank, and I'd hate to see either get left off twice in a row, so someone needs to step up here.

    The people who we may see here are: Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, Drew McIntyre, Alex Riley and Jack Swagger.

    Maybe this could even be the championship scramble match that was once rumored. Actually, I'd really enjoy seeing six people gunning for the belt at once...

    At this point, I have no real preference on who Ziggler faces, but I want him to keep the belt for some time. Therefore, regardless of who the opponent is:

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Mark Henry vs. Kane

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    The biggest question here is if Kane will be back for SummerSlam, and I think yes.

    I actually would really look forward to this match and hope that it's given good time to develop, especially because I think this will be Kane's last match in WWE.

    Kane should come back in a couple of weeks, after Henry destroys someone else (not important who).  He will demand  match at SummerSlam and claim that if he can't be the monster anymore, that he should just leave the business.  

    Who better to be the current scale on how monstrous you are than the World's Strongest Man? Henry will relish the chance to end Kane's career, and I think after Kane puts up a very good game battle, Henry takes out the Big Red Machine, this time for good.

    Winner: Mark Henry

World Heavyweight Title: Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton: No Holds Barred

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    This seems like an easy call.

    Orton lost the title and should get a rematch like any other former champion would. Make the match no holds barred so that we get possibly the duo's most brutal affair to date, and we have ourselves another great matchup.  

    Hopefully, this can be the last pay-per-view match between the two of them for some time though.  

    Let someone else in the title hunt for real.

    Winner: Christian

WWE Title: Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz

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    Rey Mysterio and The Miz get bumped from the next Raw by Triple H, who wants to crown the WWE champion at the Biggest Event of the Summer, and that is the advertised match leading up to the event.

    Given that they fairly earned the right to battle for the WWE championship through their tournament wins, they should get their shot.  

    John Cena will be involved in this match but only as the special guest referee. I don't think it'd be so terrible to have him sit out from wrestling the title match just this once.  

    But don't expect things to be so simple because...

WWE Title: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz vs. CM Punk

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    After CM Punk's invasion of Comic-Con, one thing he said to Triple H really stood out to me:

    "You want a title shot, you can come to Chicago any time and get one, brother" 

    We've also seen the rumors that WWE may be doing cross-promotion with Ring of Honor.

    AND (here's the kicker)

    Ring of Honor will be in Chicago on August 13, the day before SummerSlam

    (OK, it's a Chicago suburb, but let's be real, that counts.)

    Can you just see it now? CM Punk is paying an unannounced visit to his old stomping grounds and parades the WWE belt in his hometown. Triple H invades ROH with Alberto Del Rio and maybe a few others. Triple H comes out to respond to Punk's challenge. Del Rio walks out of the Frontier Fieldhouse as the WWE champion courtesy of the briefcase.

    After Mysterio and Miz come out for their match at SummerSlam, Triple H comes out to play the video from the night before with Del Rio winning the title. Punk demands his rematch. Triple H demands that Punk signs a contract. We have a fatal four way. Cena can even stay as referee. Too perfect.  

    The best part: I actually believe that this could be pulled off. Maybe with slight variation, but to seriously consider that the WWE championship can change hands at a Ring of Honor event? My, how far we've come in a month.

    I can't call a winner for this match at all.  Let's just pray that I'm right and enjoy the show.


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    Thanks for reading! Hopefully, some of this comes true and WWE puts on a great show regardless of how accurate I am. Their momentum is at a high right now, and they have a chance to keep on surprising us.

    Think my ideas are awesome?  Terrible? Possible? No way in hell?

    Let me know!  Comment below!  Let me know what you're thinking about SummerSlam!